XCAVATOR, crypto mining token

XCAVATOR, crypto mining token with an in-built price appreciation mechanism. Find out all its features and who it is for.


XCAVATOR aims to introduce people from various walks of life to the exciting and enchanting world of crypto-currencies.

For people who hear about those who make money with crypto-currencies but never find the right platform for them, XCAVATOR is the solution.

XCAVATOR, abstract

When crypto-mining was still rudimentary, it was confined to a few private miners, regulated by clear laws. It was not hurting the environment since it consumed less energy. The exponential rise of cryptocurrencies has led to a considerable increase in energy consumption plus the concentration of mining operations in nations where power is supplied mainly from fossil fuels.

The mining power is in the hands of major companies, which is distorting our democratic decision-making process. Changes in protocols and hard forks are at risk of being affected by the economic interests of these few corporates.

XCAVATOR will create a crypto mining farm in critical areas to tap power directly with hydro, solar, and wind plants.

Mining infrastructure will be built on conventional intermodal operations. By incorporating Industry 4.0 mining and automation features. This will include remote control capabilities and low energy cooling system.

Altogether it will be a high-tech system that can be effortlessly deployed to employ the cleanest & cheapest energy mix wherever that is available. The versatility of the mining farm system permits us to merge two of the most important industries of the 21st century: blockchain technology and renewable energy.

A beneficial overall organization on many levels:

This ecosystem promotes climate conservation while keeping our token holders happy. This is achieved by using the mechanisms developed in this ecosystem.

XCAVATOR will offer crypto-currency mining operations designed and maintained by a team of industry professionals and professional employees on behalf of the XCAVATOR community – created through this utility token.

To achieve optimal mining efficiency, XCAVATOR management works with modern technology assemblers at wholesale costs with high-level security to safeguard the community’s investment.

The XCAVATOR community receives an XCA token based on Binance BEP20 representing their participation in the community. The mined crypto-currencies will be sold to generate revenue. Then, from the payment, after deducting energy and operating costs, a profit will be made.

Of the profit, 5% will be retained by the company for administrative and fixed expenses. Of the remaining 95% profit, the company will use 47.5% (50% of the profit after a 5% deduction) to purchase our token on the Crypto Exchanges at market price, which will be burned with the proof burn. The remaining 47.5% will be used to develop the crypto-currency mining farms. This will include the latest advanced mining technologies to increase revenue.

Preferred solutions

Crypto-currency miners use computers to tackle complex mathematical tasks. Crypto-currencies are the reward for solving the mathematical problem/taking over the transaction. Mining the right crypto-currency at the right time is the key to making money. But small-scale mining has many challenges that make it unfeasible.

The goal is to solve this problem by allowing people to access the hashing power of crypto-currency mining in smaller units. The native cryptographic utility token will represent the hashing power of crypto-currency mining. This will accommodate people from different sectors to own and experiment with crypto-currency mining. Countries offering lower electricity rates, ease of working and a cohesive atmosphere for crypto mining will be sought after all the time. Mining farm locations for future expansion will be added based on many factors. Initially, the farms will be located at two sites that will generate hash power for the most profitable POW crypto currencies.

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