Revenant, first decentralized gaming ecosystem on the Metis network

Revenant, first decentralized gaming ecosystem on the Metis network. Discover its features and direct access to the game.


Revenant offering blockchain gaming, a launchpad, an NFT marketplace, and several other gaming-oriented services. This ecosystem provides something for all gamers, game developers, and investors alike.

Explore Revenant’s decentralized gaming ecosystem for gamers, game developers, and investors. Earn $GAMEFI while you play and trade with Revenant!

Revenant Games is a collection of cutting-edge blockchain games. To combat the lack of enjoyable games in the crypto-currency market, the goal was to combine the fun aspect of traditional games with the earning potential of NFTs and crypto-currencies.

In GameFi news, we like to talk about this kind of project, especially when it incorporates a token that has been well thought out.

Revenant to a native token, here is the $GAMEFI


$GAMEFI represents a share of the equity of the platform and down the line, as the grow, dividends will be periodically shared with holders based on $GAMEFI held.

This token also represents governance, meaning that holders of $GAMEFI are able to influence the road ahead for the protocol.

That’s why $GAMEFI will have several use cases beyond its price appreciation, such as:

  • Rewards in the form of staking and dividends
  • Early access to Revenant Games
  • Exclusive early investment opportunities through Revenant Launchpad
  • In-game benefits in Revenant Games
  • And much more!


$GAMEFI has a total supply of 3 million tokens that will be distributed as follows:

  • 25% (750,000) of the total supply consists of investors that held $TEMPO before our move to Metis
  • 20% (600,000) LP rewards and incentives for liquidity providers of $GAMEFI / $m.USDC on Hermes, and later, the native tokens Battle of Olympus and Lazarus.
  • 15% (450,000) to be integrated into the Battle of Olympus Play-to-Earn economy
  • 15% (450,000) to be integrated into the Project Lazarus Play-to-Earn economy
  • 25% (750,000) dedicated to future Play-to-earn games, special events and anything necessary for the development of Revenant.

A few words from the team about Revenant eSports:

As gamers, our development team understands that competition is excellent for the space. That said, opportunities are limited in the crypto market. eSports have reached worldwide popularity with many top gamers earning a healthy income. However, this earning potential is usually outside of the crypto sphere.

That’s why we’re creating Revenant eSports, a platform that organizes tournaments for gamers worldwide to compete, network, and earn while playing crypto games that are actually fun. Revenant eSports will maximize gamers’ earning potential by capitalizing on the crypto market and our expertise in the gaming industry.

Direct access to the game

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