WalkN, your web3 fitness app

WalkN, your web3 fitness app. Move2Earn revolution is here! Discover why?

WalkN exists with only one mission – To bring people, fitness and crypto together by building a solid platform that rewards people to take care of their fitness.

WalkN provide a platform for improving one’s fitness while earning rewards in cryptocurrency.

It leverages newly born trend, Move2Earn.

The app users purchase an NFT of their choice, start the app, and earn money with every step they take.

According to World Health Organization(WHO), the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted human life in the most drastic way. The COVID-19 is also the first such pandemic that has challenged global public health systems, food security, as well as mental health of people.

Through this new Move2Earn concept, we’re encouraging people to take charge of their health through reward-for-good-behaviour philosophy. So, by rewarding people in monetary values, we encourage them to move more, do more and become healthier.


WalkN, a very complete and powerful ecosystem:

WalkN aims to bring people, fitness and crypto together by building a solid platform that rewards people to take care of their fitness.

Through its platform, WalkN will offer solid income generating opportunities for its app users. Just login to the WalkN app, start your journey (walk, jog or run) and earn tokens with every step you take! One doesn’t need to have cryptocurrency to use WalkN app but you would need to have WalkN NFTs to earn tokens as you move.

WalkN app is geared towards bringing people together through its unique features such as WalkN Elites, WalkN Athletes. One doesn’t need to join any of these clubs in the app if s/he wants to go solo. The idea of introducing these features is to create social engagement among WalkN app users to boost their morale and to create healthy competition.

WalkN will also introduce regular sports events in various cities around the world with prizes to motivate people as well as to attract more users to its app. The prizes in such events would include but not limited to WALKN tokens, exclusive NFTs as well as free upgrades in the app.

The users will also earn through staking and eventually app will launch a stealth mode – meaning one can just download app, register and start earning even if the app is not being used in active mode as long as they’re walking, jogging or running.

Ultimately, WalkN is going to take the #M2E to the next level by offering unique in-app features, connecting physical and virtual players, and creating a healthy competition among users!

This ecosystem will strive to build partnerships with physical asset companies in sports and eventually a user can convert their assets through an app from NFT to a physical one, shoes for example.

Mint Unique NFT Sneakers in this app

This App is the first Web 3 application that gives users the ability to walk, jog or run to earn high-quality tradable NFT Sneakers.

Users can mint sneakers through the sneaker-box drop after achieving accomplishments within the app.
– Earn $WALKN/$STEPS and tradable NFTs
– Unlock Accessories & Packs Levels
– Solo I Tournament | Background Mode

Move2Earn Market Analysis

Overall, the fitness industry is valued over $100B. As per Coingecko, the NFT market is roughly over $30B in marketcap so far. Most of this value was created in the last two years or so. If you also account for the Play2Earn sector or GameFi which is valued at over $200B then the total opportunity size for NFT-based games and apps is over $330B. Until recently, this market was dominated by big names in fitness and games, thanks to the web2 economy, and most of the value created throughout the value-chain was captured by them only.

This is the first time in human history that participants of these sectors can earn while playing a game or doing sports – thanks to the Web3 version of the gaming and fitness industry!

Now that we have established a foundation of mutual understanding of the NFT market and its role, let’s discuss the M2E concept. Until 2022, the fitness industry was only focused on content generation and consumption. Unfortunately, due to Web2 structure, the economic value created through these two activities was captured by platforms and eventually platform owners. Thus, leaving content creators and consumers at the bottom of the value chain. Web3 is giving power back to participants, thus content consumers or app users are now able to continue doing what they’re doing i.e., jog, walk or run, and earn rewards in crypto from the app/platform they use. This is a win-win for both – platform and users.

This ecosystem works with two tokens:

Governance Token: $WALKN

The WALKN token will be used as governance token to determine the project’s developments by its token holders. The governance token can be either purchased through fundraising rounds or DEX/CEX.

In-game Token: $STEPS

The STEPS token can be earned by simply using the WalkN app while you walk, jog, or run. The activities can be as solo (also free-to-play), social events, or a specific event organised by the WalkN App in your region.

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