TVG Coin, what is it?

TVG Coin, what is it? TVG is a social coin with a blockchain-based technical core. Discover its characteristics and its official website.

TVG Coin

TVG is a social coin that allows users to trade and purchase while also contributing to a charitable cause.

Through the use of blockchain technology, it has been possible to develop a new approach to making contributions simple, reliable and secure.

The platform’s native token will be the first and highest level of quality for charities in the crypto- currency market.

Consumers can trust every penny they buy, and every time they buy, it will automatically redistribute a certain percentage of TVG to a good cause from the TVG’s Charitable supply Fund.

TVG Coin, what more can I say?

Here is a TRC20 based token used for e-commerce transactions conducted through the TRON blockchain network. TVG Coin adds value by giving the TVG community a chance to share profits through staking & swapping. The TRC20 environment packs feature like faster transactions, low gas fee and multichain usability, etc.

Apart from the technical aspect, TVG is a social coin that allows users to trade or purchase TVG coins while also contributing to a charitable cause.

It facilitates money transfers throughout the world while also ensuring maximum transparency in financial transactions. In addition, using blockchain technology for a social cause offers substantial advantages over conventional methods of offering charitable contributions.

The current rate of the TVG coin is 1 cent and we are live at one exchange called Vindax. We are aiming to grow by 5 times the current price of TVG before the end of the year.

A few words from the team:

Our goal is to make TVG a globally accepted currency in 193 countries. With a total supply of one trillion coins, we are frequently questioned about such a vast supply. With the world’s population rising, we aim for a circulation of 1 trillion coins to ensure that everyone who is a part of this rapidly expanding open world has access to it. And for every trade and transaction with TVG, we have set aside a certain number of TVG coins to give to a charitable cause.

Consider how the world will be a better place for everyone if we can contribute to some social impact with the millions of transactions taking place every day around the world.

Direct access to the official website

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