Marble Heroes, what kind of game is it?

Marble Heroes, what kind of game is it? Discover all the characteristics of this ecosystem and its official website.

Marble Heroes, here is an online block-chain world, where you can get the NFT marble creatures, find friends, fight enemies and pump the skills to earn rewards.

When we talk about GameFi, we are talking about Play to Earn games, and this one is a great example.

Marble Heroes


The rapid rise of blockchain technology, from crypto-currencies and NFTs (irreplaceable tokens) to smart contracts and DAPPs (distributed applications), has created an exciting market, which is expected to exceed US$20 billion by 2023.

Today, we are at a stage where almost every existing industry is stirred by blockchain, and gaming is no exception.

With the rise of NFT and blockchain-based games, a new mode of gaming has emerged that has further changed the rules of the game.

In 2021, we saw the emergence of P2E (Play- to-earn) game mode, which offers a level playing field and makes the time spent more valuable. P2E also offers players a source of ownership and revenue.

The new era of this game has inspired talents from all over the world, and this project is no exception. It was decided to bring together people from different countries and different technical backgrounds to form a team full of passion for blockchain games, and jointly take on a major mission: to become the next leader of the P2E metaverse.

Marble Heroes, the goal that was set:

“Marble Heroes” was created to provide a simplified environment to avoid the common problems and tricks of traditional games, and provide an accessible platform for players to get the rewards they deserve. After seeing that the real world is dominated by wealth imbalance, the team decided to help build the world of tomorrow, democratize everyone’s access to wealth, and empower communities around the world to create their own life-changing moments of wealth creation, all to build their own comfortable homes.


The team is on a mission to create the most attractive and eye-catching games in the P2E field, and they won’t let up.

With many years of experience in various games, our “Marble Heroes” team has earned a reputation for pioneering amazing design by integrating NFT art, high-end concepts, and experiments in various thinking.

The first phase was to create a fantastic, vast and beautiful world with a unique role. Then, according to their different characteristics, they are divided into the following groups:

  • Humanoid supernatural creatures (including earthlings, aliens and robots).
  • Various elves (plant elves, animal elves, element elves).
  • Classification of orcs (beasts, undead, insects).

Each character has a core (the basic body symbol of each group) and other body parts and attributes (such as hands, legs, intelligence, eyes, mouth, etc.), which are randomly assigned.

Official website

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