TaoPad, mission and vision


TaoPad, mission and vision. Find out more about the project’s objectives and features, and go directly to its website.

Taopad is a cryptocurrency protocol designed to synergize with the BitTensor network’s native token, $TAO. It introduces a novel rewards mechanism, leveraging a collection of miners and validator nodes to reward its holders with $wTAO (Wrapped TAO) tokens. This unique approach aims to create a mutually beneficial relationship between Taopad and $TAO, enhancing value for holders and supporting the growth of decentralized AI and blockchain.

As $TAO Grows So Does $TPAD

Taopad allows users to enjoy the benefits of mined $TAO without having to invest effort in the cumbersome task of procuring and managing BitTensor network mining and validator equipment.

The Bittensor ecosystem consists of the following three components (refer to the above diagram):

An incentive-based competition mechanism: You can either create your custom incentive mechanism for your own competition or join a competition that already exists in the Bittensor ecosystem.

Each such incentive-based competition market is called a subnet. Subnets constitute the core of the Bittensor ecosystem.

A blockchain that runs the above subnets and supports their proper functioning so that the incentive-based competition market is decentralized, is permissionless and is collusion-resistant, i.e., is resistant to market manipulation.

The Bittensor API that connects all the essential elements within the above two components, and also connects the subnets and the blockchain.

TaoPad, mission and vision:

Mission – TaoPad’s mission is to expand the Tao ecosystem to other networks to drive value for the Tao token.

The goal is to achieve this via the DeFi mechanics we have designed to distribute rewards to TaoPad holders as Wrapped Tao ($wTao) as well as the deployment of our native launchpad to facilitate great teams to launch projects aimed at the Tao ecosystem.

Vision – To be the preferred gateway protocol/ platform for all players in the Tao ecosystem

The vision of TaoPad is to pioneer a sustainable and profitable ecosystem that bridges the gap between cryptocurrency investments and the burgeoning field of decentralized AI.

The mission is to provide a platform that not only rewards the community but also contributes to the advancement and adoption of decentralized AI and blockchain technology. By fostering a strong, engaged community and leveraging the latest innovations, TaoPad aims to be at the forefront of the crypto-AI convergence, not only through its coming LaunchPad, but also through other innovative mechanisms designed for the very same vision.


What is TaoPad?

TaoPad is an Ethereum-based project that offers exposure to the Bittensor ecosystem to holders of its token, $TPAD. They can participate in mining and validation activities on the Bittensor network and distribute the rewards obtained to $TPAD holders.

What is $TPAD?

$TPAD is a cryptocurrency that integrates an advanced tax mechanism to reward holders with $wTAO tokens.

How does the $TPAD mechanism work?

A 5% tax is applied to all buy and sell transactions. This tax is used to invest in mining infrastructure, deployed to work on the Bittensor mainchain and then distribute rewards earned to $TPAD holders.

What is the total supply of $TPAD?

The total supply is capped at 1 million tokens.

How can I participate in the TaoPad Launchpad?

Buy and hold $TPAD tokens to receive a share of rewards from mining activities as well as from every token launched on the TaoPad Launchpad.

Where can I see my $TPAD tokens?

$TPAD balances and rewards can be seen at or by adding the $TPAD token to your Wallet.

How can I be a part of the TaoPad community?

Engage with the community through our forums, social media channels, and participate in governance voting.

Direct access to the official website

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