Volumint. – vision and features


Volumint. – vision and features. Find out more about this new ecosystem and how you can benefit from it.

Volumint. is dedicated to strengthening cryptographic projects through automated liquidity and community-driven growth.

Cryptographic projects face significant obstacles in obtaining and maintaining liquidity. And yet, mastering liquidity is essential for survival and growth in the competitive marketplace. That’s why this project was created.

Volumint. vision and features:

This ecosystem helps projects that use it to set aside a healthy budget and keep control over expenses and fees.

This unleashes the potential of every crypto project and revolutionizes market-making in the blockchain era.


Limited Access to Market-Making

Small to medium crypto projects often struggle to access market-making services due to high costs, leaving them with low liquidity and poor market presence.

Lack of Trading Volume

Without sufficient trading volume, a cryptocurrency can be delisted from exchanges, reducing its visibility and undermining investor confidence


Complex trading algorithms and infrastructure prevent wider adoption of market-making strategies and make it harder for smaller projects to scale.

The solution

VoluMint offers a range of innovative services designed to transform market dynamics.

Democratized Market-Making: This service democratizes market-making by providing an accessible, subscription-based model. Projects, regardless of size, can utilize VoluMint to enhance trading activity and ensure liquidity.

Automated Volume Generation: VoluMint’s automated system mimics genuine trading behaviors across various pairs. By boosting trading volume, it effectively reduces the risk of delisting for projects.

Decentralized and Unpredictable Trading Patterns: Through its distinctive offset feature, VoluMint introduces a layer of unpredictability into trading. This randomness fortifies the system against detection and manipulation attempts, enhancing its resilience.

These enhancements offered by VoluMint empower projects of all sizes, ensuring a fairer and more secure trading environment within the market.

The bot leverages dedicated to this platform takes advantage of a unique shift function to mimic human transactions, creating a dynamic and organic trading atmosphere on any exchange.

Key Features:

The goal is not only giving the power back to the projects but also the people, with a simple ambassador program launching that will enable users to refer projects to use its services. Upon sign up the user that referred the project with get a % commission. Plus a community incentivised program that will let the community raid and refer projects that will add to the revenue share pool.

Revenue sharing is another way we are giving back to the community with a % of revenue being given to those who choose to stake their tokens. The more projects that join the more that is shared to the users.

Governance will also help shape future buyback proposals or community bonuses, and you’ll also be able to vote on key decisions to be made in this new ecosystem.

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