TALENT (TNT), what is it?

TALENT (TNT), what is it? Find out more about this Christian content services platform, its features as well as its official website.


Talent is a Christian content services platform ushering in a new era with the power of the Holy Spirit.

This time, the news of decentralized finance presents a project based on the diffusion of Christian messages.

The religious life in church that used to be centering around on-site contact services had to go through the transition to non-contact (online) services due to the spread of COVID-19 and continuous operation of high-degree social distancing policy.

In the beginning, there has been a high concern about the integrity of service with the transition to non-contact online services, and the churches had to go through the trials and errors of producing online contents and operating them, and the burden of financial and human resource operation of dependent churches was heavy.

Thus, the necessity and importance of supplying and demanding different high-quality religious
contents that can vitalize non-contact services and recover divine nature are emerging.

Talent, the answer to a real need, here are its characteristics:

Talent is a Christian contents portal service with a collection of live services and preaches, church music including gospels and CCM, etc. It emerges different religious bodies of Christianity, develops Christian network that focuses on services and bible, and wishes to take the role of the medium that connects the Christian contents and the world.

This ecosystem consists of video streaming service of real-time online services, preaches, testimonies, etc. Also, video and music streaming service for domestic and international gospels and CCM; authentic interpretation of the Bible and bible studies for personal spirituality; and online stores where users can sell and purchase church-related products and creative works of the user.

The technique behind the platform:

This project is planning to build a platform based on the Ethereum blockchain to support a seamless and stable streaming service. As videos and audio content file sizes are huge, the number of contents being uploaded and the increasing number of streaming users overload the server, and this can be resolved via blockchain.

The smart contract function of the Ethereum blockchains can be utilized for transparently and safely recording and storing trade/purchase records made on the Smart Contract of the Ethereum blockchain.


Talent intends to add depth and width to the belief of the Christians in the Ontact era to help to lower the entry barrier and enhance the image of Christianity for those who are not Christians and to complete a new Christian platform, Christian content hub, by lowering it.

The three most important services:

Sermon (Preaching)

Talent TV provides streaming services that separate the sermon parts from the online services. This service is to be provided with the categorization by church, preacher, contents, and generations for users can search the content they would like to watch.

Praise (Hymn)

Talent TV provides audio streaming and downloading services. It contains the praises performed by the choirs of different churches and gospels and CCM sung by singers or bands as videos. Downloading services for instrumental music, and music sheets will be available for download.

Testimony (Testimony)

Talent TV provides testimony streaming services. They deliver the vivid stories of influencers such as entertainers and celebrities, so the audience is given the momentum to reflect their lives on and strengthen their beliefs.

Direct access to the official website

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