Sanctum game, discover its characteristics


Sanctum game, discover its characteristics. Here is the basic information about this play-to-earn game that is deployed on Arbitrum.

Sanctum is a play-to-earn game to be launched on Arbitrum, which will incorporate RPG & strategy elements to create a unique game tailor-made for GameFi.

Sanctum brings the best of gaming and thoughtfully combines it with the most modern play-to-earn systems on Arbitrum. As a guild master, you will utilize your pawns (NFTs) to complete quests, and battle in PVE or PVP-yielding real rewards.

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Through a combination of a gamified Discord server& our web app, players will delve into Sanctum’s rich lore – forming guilds, managing a roster of Adventurers (called Pawns), and engaging in turn-based combat.

Sanctum Primary Gameplay Module: Quests

The core gameplay of Sanctum will be done via our custom web app, available on any device played directly on our site. As a guild master, you’ll receive quests from different factions throughout the city, depending on your reputation among them.

You’ll then need to allocate some of your adventurers to them, depending on their specific requirements. The more difficult the quest, the higher the rewards.

After assigning, you’ll send the pawns out to complete the quest – once a quest time has elapsed (time varies based on the quest and your skill level), you’ll see the results and collect the loot if successful.

Rewards for the quests will include our native token, which acts as the primary medium of exchange throughout the entire game, needed to buy new pawns, send them on quests, craft new items, and more. Other rewards will include things like portrait NFTs (used to represent you as a guild master), items to equip to pawns, and story rewards that will unlock new quests to be done in the other module(s).

Companion Module: Discord

Community is vital to the health of a project, and we’ll focus heavily on fostering a fun community to be part of and always have things for players to do that want to get involved. This is where our custom discord bot will come into play: turning our discord server into an integral part of gameplay.

By connecting your discord with the wallet, you use to play the web-based modules, you’ll be able to share progression between them – the XP pool will be connected. Although not required to play the other modules, dedicated.

Discover the other modules and well on the site of the game.

Direct access to the official website

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