Rens, what is it?

What is Rens? This platform facilitates the integration of real estate in the metaverse, find out how?


RENS aims to solve real estate market’s problems using blockchain technologies and smart contracts through a transparent and accessible way.

With tokenization, it is possible to dramatically reduce the minimum barrier to entry to home ownership to a level that almost anyone can afford.

Since everything is on the block, there is no need for slow and expensive due diligence. This makes the process smooth and instantaneous.

Real estate has proven itself as a reliable and solid investment way.

RENS aims to make it easier for anyone who wants make their way into the real estate industry by
offering solutions on multiple dimensions.

Investor’s can manage their real-estate portfolio as they fit without going through a burdensome process.

Rens metaverse:

Property search process is made significantly easier using RENS Marketplace where an investor can find
all property details and a 3D model of the house where one can have a virtual tour inside.

These 3D assets will be the building blocks for RENS Metaverse which aims to make real estate values
more accessible using innovative technologies.

Rens metaverse is not only a piece of image on the internet, but also filled with properties that have their equivalent in the real world. Rens first sells these properties as NFT, then these properties are either built from scratch or similar one purchased by Rens’s partner companies in the real world. Investors then receive rental income from these properties.

NFT’s purchased on IHO can be auctioned on any BSC compliant NFT Marketplace preferably on the Marketplace. Or the investor can claim their rental income earned through real world assets which are maintained and rented by our partner company from our platform on a 3 months basis as BUSD.

Initial House Offerings

Initial house offerings (IHOs) are a crowdfunding platform for a particular asset. ERC-1155 tokens
are minted and crowdfunded in RENS NFT Launchpad. Investors need to stake their RENS tokens to be eligible for a tier to participate in IHOs. Amount of $RENS needed to participate in an IHO and tiers will be announced prior to the first IHO.

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