Realy, introducing realy metaverse

Realy, introducing realy metaverse. Realy, the Initial and Fantastic Street Culture Metaverse. Information and direct access to the platform.


Realy Metaverse is the first Live-to-Earn metaverse on Solana. Developing via Unreal Engine, Realy Metaverse will be a virtual city in the sky with 3A graphics. Realy focuses on street culture by merging real world names including fashion brands, graffiti artists, chic toy brands, rappers and skateboard brands to Metaverse.

Realy, as its name, starts from the real world and enters the virtual world by creating a new metaverse ecological world, “virtual is the future, and the future has come”.

Realy Metaverse, also called KOOOLA virtual city, is a super-realistic style AAA Metaverse game product. Social, e commerce, games, and trading are perfectly integrated here, which means virtual and reality are perfectly merged.

Realy metaverse and KOOOLA

KOOOLA, a super-realistic, futuristic, technologically-conscious city, brings players an excellent and immersive experience.

When most of the environment is destroyed by humans and cannot survive, using scarce land resources more effectively has become an essential consideration when we make urban planning and layout. KOOOLA provides a development model that uses the Japanese “metabolism” school theory as its core guiding ideology, which we call a threedimensional ecological model. In this model, the building always grows upwards without restrictions. In the KOOOLA city, architecture is like life, born, grows, and disappears.

The ecosystem is no longer the surplus and supplement of the building, but a symbiosis with the building. Wherever the human footprint goes, the ecosystem will develop.

In the KOOOLA city, land assets are scarce. The entire city is composed of many blocks, and each block has its own building, and each floor of the building has its own shops, galleries, and apartments. From blocks to apartments, they are all virtual estate NFTs in the city of KOOOLA. With virtual estate, you can build and decorate it according to your own needs, or lease it to brands or other players.

Virtual goods can be sold in shops and galleries. In addition to paying taxes to the platform and the city, the operating income of players also needs to pay rent or share to the virtual estate owner. However, if the store is operated well, the number of active people and the transaction amount are high, not only can it obtain urban incentives, but the land where the store is located can also have more airspace or underground development rights.

$REAL token:

The $REAL token is released in the form of gradual release of inflation, which is mainly used to reward various behaviors and activities in the metaverse.

The Realy Metaverse treasury releases $REAL every day. Part of which is released to daily tasks, and the other part is injected into City DAOs. Different cities will have competitions. The replenishment of the world treasury is mainly in two ways: part of the commission from the official sale of NFTs, and the world tax contributed by the secondary trading.

Token allocation:

  • 20% Team, advisors and partners
  • 20% Investors
  • 45% Community and ecosystem for “Live to Earn” mechanism
  • 15% Foundation Reserve

The REAL token will act as the base layer of infrastructure serving all levels of crypto activities.

Direct access to the platform

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