RealT, already 100 properties tokenized on the blockchain

RealT, already 100 properties tokenized on the blockchain. This historic sale for RealT comes with a non-fungible token (NFT)

RealT has a very clear objective, to make real estate more available through the tokenization of all kinds of real estate.

It’s impossible not to talk about this little revolution that comes directly from decentralized finance, the tokenization of real estate.

RealT sells real estate through a platform accessible from almost anywhere in the world. Where RealT really stands out is that the properties offered for sale are fractionable thanks to tokenization, which allows future buyers to invest the amount that suits them and to share the ownership of a property with other people.

For the first time, investors around the globe can buy into the US real estate market through fully-compliant, fractional, tokenized ownership. Powered by blockchain.

In this way, RealT makes real estate investing accessible to everyone, with tokenization making this type of investment affordable for almost everyone. While traditional RealT competitors have minimum investments of between $ 5,000 to $ 10,000, a single token for RealT properties costs between $ 50 and $ 150, which is the lowest minimum investment the real estate industry can offer.


RealT, practical explanations on how it works:

In practice, ownership is divided into a number of tokens and the user is free to purchase as many tokens as they want. Then, an annual return is paid to the owners according to the number of tokens they hold. The interest received is around 10 to 13% per year.

Once tokens have been purchased, it is necessary to have a digital wallet compatible with the xDai network to receive them, such as MetaMask. It is also possible to claim them through an Ethereum smart contract (gas costs payable by the owner).

Then, 3 options are available to receive the payment of the daily rent: either directly in USDC in a wallet compatible with the xDai network, or to claim it in USDC via an Ethereum smart contract, or to automatically reinvest it in the dedicated reinvestment asset.

Another really interesting feature offered by this platform, it is possible to resell your tokens at any time, directly via the platform or via multiple applications deployed on xDai.

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