2local (2LC), Sustainability and Prosperity

2local (2LC), Sustainability and Prosperity.Let’s live local to ensure a better, sustainable and prosperous future.

2local loyalty platform with the goal to achieve a sustainable world with prosperityfor all. The cashback system supports sustainable and local-to-local working businesses.

This cashback is generated from the profi t from Yield Farms and Staking Pools. 2local doesn’t profi t from its users but create value with its users.


2local platform have or will get the following features:

● Marketplace in app with connected companies.
● Payment app with exchange options.
● Debit card.
● Decentralized multi-currency wallet.
● Cashback system for locally or sustainable working companies.

2LC Yield Farming and Staking Pools

28.8 billion 2LC tokens build on Binance Smart Chain (BSC):
● Audited by CertiK (offi cial Binance partner) with 95/100.
● Full Hybrid Exchange (Swap)
● Yield Farms
● Staking Pools
● Payment Service Simplex.com

2local is based on the philosophy of opposites that is represented by Yin and Yang in Chinese culture. We encounter many problems in our time that are mainly Yang-induced worries.

The eff ect is that we run from crisis to crisis. To overcome these diffi culties, the 2local loyalty platform puts adequate Yin powers as follows.

2local, our philosophy :

When differentiation took place early in the cosmos, the world of opposites made its entry. In Chinese philosophy this is symbolized in the dynamics of Yin and Yang. Yang symbolizes inspiration of heaven and Yin symbolizes receptiveness of earth.

This concept is used to describe polar opposites, realizing that this is a complementary relationship
because each can only exist in relation to the other. These forces interact within a greater dynamic whole. It is about constantly looking for balance; if a factor dominates then things go wrong.

At the moment the neoliberal system in the western world is almost exclusively Yangoriented and creates unsustainability, inequality, concentrating power and wealth in the hands of the few, too much power of profit-driven multinationals and banks, growth at any costs, bureaucratic rules and inability of government controls.

Without counterforces this neoliberal system is doomed to collapse. Introducing new Yin forces will help to find a new balance. To do this we prioritize Yin forces through a view at global sustainability and prosperity, building self-funding (i.e. no need for banks) communities – where consumers and producers of local and sustainable products engage and from which less fortunate people benefit. This can be realized by using innovative blockchain technology with a new digital payment system, independent of banks, a digital market place, a cashback system and smart trading algorithm. In this way, primacy
for Yin counterbalances the supremacy of Yang.

Problems and solutions :

Global profit maximization

Capital is mobile in the free global market. Hardly hindered by government rules this allowed elites, billionaires, privileged individuals and large companies to build wealth and realize profits, putting selfinterest at the foreground. This fueled greed to the powerful and on the other hand indifference to the powerless. People choose ‘me first’ to ‘survive’, which allows populism to rise.

Sustainability & prosperity

2local stands for worldwide sustainability and prosperity by introducing a new digital currency system to which a cashback system is linked, making local and sustainable purchases accessible to everyone. We use the smart design of a digital currency for consumers and connected companies built on innovative blockchain technology. 2Local is the brainchild of creative entrepreneurs who love to devise innovative solutions and apply them to non-profit causes. We would like to eradicate global poverty and hunger and
solve environmental and climate problems.

Local cooperation

2local wants to transform the current competitive economic power system into cooperative cooperation, facilitated by its own cryptocurrency. This approach enables us to initiate a movement that focuses on
small-scale, sustainable and locally produced and distributed goods and services. Instead of competition, which only leads to more profits for large companies, we will work in local and sustainable partnerships, which are facilitated by our own cryptocurrency. In the marketplace of the website, consumers and
producers can easily find each other. The local communities remain connected worldwide.

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