Quantic, auto-staking protocol

Quantic, auto-staking protocol. Here is Dual Rewards Auto-Staking & Auto- Compounding Protocol in Crypto.


Quantic is the next innovative DeFi release for the Binance Smart Chain that is designed to provide holders of $QUANTIC high passive returns just by holding the token, in which the smart contract does all the work for them.

The goal is to combine revolutionary automatic staking features with passive BUSD rewards to make staking easier and more rewarding for investors.

Quantic’s innovative Auto-Stake feature allows for automatic staking and compounding for all holders of the native token $QUANTIC.

QUANTIC is transforming DeFi with the QUANTIC Auto-staking Protocol (QAMP) that delivers a high fixed APY, rebasing rewards every 30 minutes, and a simple buy-hold-earn system that grows your portfolio in your wallet, fast.

QUANTIC GIVES HOLDERS automatic compounding REWARDS, increasing their QUANTIC holdings over time. Along with automatic BUSD Rewards, QUANTIC is taking things to a new level, never before seen in crypto.

Quantic auto-staking protocol:

Quantic’s Auto-Stake feature works just as advertised. All $QUANTIC holders will have their tokens automatically staked from within their wallet and rebase rewards will accrue every 30 minutes that the token is held.

By not requiring a dApp site for token rewards, the protocol avoids many of the potential technical issues (through servers, or users not being able to connect their wallet to the dApp from their device) and adds to the security of our system by eliminating the risk of exploits.

But what are rebase rewards? A rebase token allows its circulating supply to expand or contract dynamically as people buy and sell the token, allowing the development team to in effect, influence the price of the token by controlling its supply. Utilizing the rebase function within Quantic allows us to provide staking rewards within your wallet rather than through a dApp.

Quantic token:

$QUANTIC is a BEP20 token which serves as Quantic’s vehicle to provide rewards to holders through a positive rebase formula and transaction volume in the form of BUSD. Because of the rebase rewards, the total supply is elastic to meet the needs of the fixed 100,000% APY rewards, along with regular burns to regulate the stability of the token.

Base Fees of 16% are charged on every buy and sell of and are critical to sustain the integrity of the rewards system that lies at the heart of Quantic. Collected fees serve as capital to support the regular rebases of circulating supply, and fuel the passive BUSD rewards.

It’s important to note that a large majority of these fees cycle back to users in various forms. The tokenomics is designed to benefit holders that hold tokens for a long time and penalize those who quickly sell after buying. By incentivizing investors to hold tokens, we can create a healthy chart and a steady stream of rewards which will in turn encourage new investors to join the community.

The buy trading fees can be broken down as follows:

– 5% Sustainability Fund: The Sustainability Fee works to ensure the integrity of the rebase reward through token buybacks and burns, and by so doing secure the fixed APY of 100,000%.

– 3% Treasury Fund: The Treasury Fund is used to fund marketing, future development of the Quantic ecosystem, and in extreme situations support the rebase rewards through strategic buybacks of $QUANTIC tokens.

– 3% BUSD Rewards: This transaction volume directly funds a reward pool that is redistributed back to holders in the form of BUSD. Since BUSD is a stablecoin, it is immune to the vagaries of the market and ensures a stable return to investors.

– 5% Liquidity Pool: Due to the use of the positive rebase formula to provide consistently high returns, it is important that the liquidity pool is constantly supported through a sizable amount of transaction volume and absorb any sell transactions of passive rewards.

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