PVC Meta, a cryptocurrency for metaverse

PVC Meta

PVC Meta, a cryptocurrency for metaverse. Here are the characteristics of the project, its mission and direct access to its website.

PVC Meta, the smart token powered by and for people. PVC Meta (PVC) exists as the most transformational token in the world of cryptocurrency since the invention of blockchain technology on the internet. This token stands firmly in support of financial freedom and the freedom that Bitcoin offers to anyone globally to voluntarily participate in a permissionless and decentralized network.

PCV Meta, mission:

The mission of PVC Meta is to create a new way to experience to the world and interact with the people whereas landscape is unique because it is the virtual replica of the reality. We aim to provide unique economic opportunities, entertainment and other positive aspects to our community by empowering creators, players and investors with the long-term partnership.

The project team is working hard to build a new world where everyone can travel without restrictions, shop, get an education, earn money,
shopping, have fun with friends and create a meeting place. In addition, users can personalize their private space or organize real-life business meetings.


It will be like a usual world but innovative. In doing that, the Metaverse meticulously reproduce city by city, reconstructing their architecture, cultural features and other natural landscapes in the minutes detail with the benefit of digital innovation.

To achieve such mission, PVC Meta does not make the replicas of the world’s cities, but accentuate and bring into limelight unique tourist attraction and other live events, where people can join in the Metaverse what is happening in the real world.


The team of this project believe in that future where what happens in reality is replicated in the Metaverse. The vision is to become the world’s leading Metaverse token through the extensive use of the game development experience, outstanding blockchain technology expertise and passion.

All the important things have long been happening online but the life of the person fragmented across the number of different service and account.

Private, Professional and financial aspects of the life bring about never-ending switching between account, changing interface and password to customize the user’s need.

As a result, workload and other dissatisfaction are growing day by day and person has to spend more and more time on the maintenance of his digital world instead of communicating, working and making other life changing decision.

What will be happen if single environment is created and familiar for the person where person can solve absolutely any problem in the most enjoyable and effective way.

PVC Meta comes up with the solution that brings a new universal world where everything one may need will be collected. Any new services, private room, store and other financial services will be instantly integrated into the environment and be perceived as something that has been always there.

PVC Meta token:

PVC Meta Token is a decentralized token in the world of cryptocurrencies through its Smart Contract Address 0x75ca521892de7f2ecfb070cab545c250d0ceb7e3. As can be seen in the Coinmarketcap report, PVC Meta Token has more than 150000 Token Holders.

Due to the ever-increasing demand for this token, its market price on Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) is also continuously increasing. Daily trading of PVC Meta Token by token holders through all DEX pairs keeps its market value strong. Daily Staking Rewards can be earned by staking PVC Meta Tokens only through the official website www.pvcmeta.io. There is also a proposal to earn Farming Reward through Token Farming. The Technical Team of PVC Meta Token constantly updates security features. Joining the community of PVC Meta Token is like realizing Financial Freedom in life.

Direct access to the official website

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