Copybot, the first copytrading platform on Telegram


Copybot, the first copytrading platform on Telegram. Here are the platform’s features and direct access to its website.

Copybot is a Telegram bot with which users can create and fund a new ERC-20 wallet and copytrade with top traders on the Ethereum Mainnet. At the same time, the top traders on our platform (ranked by number of copytrades and profits) can earn Ethereum in proportion to their ranking, creating the first copytrading platform with revenue sharing.

If you’re interested in decentralized trading, but don’t want to trade alone, and are tempted by copy trading, then this platform could be for you.

Copybot, features:

The Copybot platform is a unique new Telegram-based tool that simplifies and gamifies copytrading, a potentially rewarding concept that is still very inaccessible for the average trader. Moreover, the ‘Leaderboard’ concept, where the best Traders earn Ethereum based on their amount of copytraders, creates a unique word of mouth marketing model.

The platform’s exclusive token is $COPYBOT. After an initial period of free use, users must hold a minimum amount of $COPYBOT tokens to use the bot. In addition, token holders automatically earn revenue generated by the purchase of monthly passes. In this way, the ERC-20 $COPYBOT token is an integral part of our ecosystem, and investors have every incentive to buy and hold it.

Key Functionalities

The Copybot platform is a Telegram bot that essentially has two main functionalities: being a Trader and being a Copytrader. With its unique first-of-a-kind platform, Copybot offers advantages to both Traders and Copytraders. Namely, Traders get the opportunity to earn Ethereum by amassing a Copytrader following. At the same time and in its essence, Copybot makes copytrading, which can be rewarding if one copies the right traders, accessible for everyone. Our Leaderboard functionality additionally makes it easy to identify and follow the top traders.


Do you think you are the best trader on the Ethereum Mainnet? Integrate your wallet onto the Copybot Telegram Bot and amass a copytrader following! Without connecting your wallet, anyone can add their wallet to the leaderboard, which pulls both your copytrader following and your profits/losses. After you have integrated your wallet onto the platform, investors can automatically follow your trades by ‘copytrading’ you. All Traders have the right to a portion of the $COPYBOT ‘revenue sharing’ tax. This tax is distributed to Traders proportionally, ranked by the amount of copytraders that follow your trades. The higher you are on the Copybot leaderboards, the more you earn. Being a Trader on our platform is therefore both a good way to gain a following, as well as to earn an additional revenue stream from your trading activity.

Copybot’s unique ‘Leaderboard’ and it being tied to a revenue sharing model, creates a unique incentive for elite traders to enter the platform and spread the word. Namely, the more Copytraders being onboarded on the platform, the more Ethereum there is to be earned. This incentive will be accelerated in the future through personal ‘referral’ links, with which Traders can easily onboard Copytraders. There are no fees related to onboarding your wallet to the Copybot platform, neither are there any fees for trades performed while connected to the platform.


Copytrading is the act of automatically mimicking the trades of another investor to benefit from his experience and profits without having to do own research or buying yourself. While copytrading traders that have proven to be profitable in the long run can be very rewarding and profitable, it is not easy to do so due to a lack of tools for the average investor, even though the transparency of the Blockchain makes it easy for one to identify profitable traders. Moreover, it is hard to identify these top traders. Copybot makes this easy by implementing our unique Leaderboard model.

Copybot aims to make copytrading accessible to the public through a unique Telegram bot. Simply create and fund a new wallet using the Copybot Telegram bot and select a Trader to follow. Select the amount of ETH you want to use to copy the trades of the Trader you follow and you will automically mimick the buys of that trader, as long as there is enough ETH in your wallet to fund the gas fees and trade. Being a Copytrader on our platform is a unique possibility to automatically earn money by imitating the trades of the best traders on the Ethereum Mainnet. Just as is the case for Traders, there are no trading fees for copytraders on our platform.

Interested? To find out more and discover how to use this bot step by step, discover all the information on the official website.

Direct access to the official website

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