Alcatraz – Your Fortress for Secure Liquidity!


Alcatraz – Your Fortress for Secure Liquidity! Find out more about the project’s features and direct access to its official website.

Alcatraz – the project that pioneered secure cash locking for Layer 2 networks and Ethereum.

In the dynamic crypto-currency landscape, ensuring asset security and fostering trust are paramount. Alcatraz is emerging as a pioneering solution, offering robust liquidity locking services to crypto projects on the Ethereum network.

With a firm commitment to low fees and unrivalled security measures, the project is redefining the way liquidity is managed in the crypto space. However, this mission goes beyond security; at the heart of our approach is a unique revenue-sharing model that creates a mutually beneficial ecosystem for project creators and token holders alike.

Securing Liquidity, Fostering Growth:

The project rests upon the idea of transforming liquidity locking into a fortress of security. For crypto projects, the challenge of ensuring liquidity while maintaining security is a complex puzzle. Alcatraz solves this puzzle by providing a platform that not only offers maximum security but also keeps fees minimal, ensuring a seamless experience for projects of all sizes.

Alcatraz, how it works?

For project owners

Offering a liquidity lock for your project provides peace of mind to both investors and the community. As the project owner, this task should be seamless and error-free.
While not mandatory, acquiring a minimal amount of ALCZ tokens before locking liquidity is beneficial as it reduces the already low fees by an additional 20%. After locking liquidity, you can retain ALCZ tokens to enjoy a constant revenue share.

For token holders

Token holders enjoy the advantages of the revenue generated through token buy/sell fees and liquidity locking fees. This revenue is distributed weekly and can be collected from the dashboard whenever desired.

$ALCZ Token

ALCZ, the cornerstone of the Alcatraz ecosystem, redefines the standards of security and innovation in the world of cryptocurrency. Designed with an unwavering commitment to investor trust.

Unparalleled Security: At Alcatraz, security isn’t just a priority – it’s our foundation. ALCZ is meticulously crafted to incorporate state-of-the-art security protocols, ensuring your investments remain shielded from vulnerabilities.

Empowering Holders: ALCZ goes beyond being a mere token; it’s a testament to our belief in community prosperity. As a holder of ALCZ, you’re not just part of the ecosystem, but a stakeholder in its success. Through this innovative revenue-sharing model, you’ll receive a portion of the ecosystem’s proceeds, offering you a tangible stake in the growth you help drive.

ALCZ isn’t just a token; it’s a gateway to a new era of security, prosperity, and utility.

Buy/Sell Fees: 4%

1% – Auto-add to LP (to give you peace of mind when trading)
1% – Revenue share (because we value you – token holder)
1% – Marketing (better marketing, more rewards for you)
1% – Team (to keep project running and innovate

Want to find out more?

Direct access to the official website

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