PushSwap, decentralized cross-platform – introduction


PushSwap, decentralized cross-platform – introduction. Find out more about the project’s objectives, features and website.

PushSwap is the most advanced decentralized platform where applies a comprehensive multiple protocols: Trade, Earn, Mint, Airdrop, Lock Liquidity and Lock Token.

PushSwap, introduction:

Centralized exchanges have been the backbone of the crypto market for many years now. It speeds up transaction times, has high trading volumes, and continuously improves liquidity. However, there is a parallel world being built in the form of trustless protocols. Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) do not require intermediaries or custodians to control transactions.

Blockchain developers have been thinking about new ways to build decentralized transaction ecosystems.

This ecosystem provides the foundation building layers for a new digital economy with the following products:
Crypto/fiat, DEX, launchpad, liquidity key, and token key, and connect crypto to the real world.

PushSwap provides dedicated key services and several key features to launch the project.


The PushSwap ecosystem acts as a bridge between the blockchains – they are built to scale and facilitate communication

This technology solves the problem of interaction between two different protocols. Using a bridge makes it possible for users to take advantage of both blockchains.

PushSwap strongly develops cryptocurrency with safe, fast, and transparent transactions. Many advantages come with practical value as follows:

– Low fees
– Low risk
– Easily set up, track, and manage payments in minutes

PushLock: Token Key allows anyone (apply to Developer/Project Owner of the project) to lock their token. Liquidity Lock allows holders to lock their liquidity pool (LP) tokens for a certain period by sending LP tokens to a time-locked smart contract.
This provides confidence to investors that token developers will not run away with the funds raised.

PushLaunch: Service Provider ILO Launchpad (Initial Liquidity Offering) and IDOV – Initial DEX Offering and Vesting is a selective fundraising model through DEX. With three (03) unique features: Fundraising Platform, Listing Liquidity, and Locking combined in one Smart Contract.

PushMint: Full DeFi Suite for those with no solid knowledge!
• Mint a token
• Create ILO with locked liquidity
• Lock your tokens
• Create your farm

PushSwap: PushSwap uses Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol, called constant function market method, in place of another book, AMM replaces buy and sell orders in the order book market with a group Liquidity consisting of two assets, both of which are of relative value to each other. When one asset is traded for the other, the relative prices of the two assets change and a new market rate for both is determined. In this case, the buyer or seller deals directly with the group, rather than with specific orders left by other parties.


The PushSwap token contributes to the growth of the Push ecosystem.

Push is classified as a profitable digital asset according to its applicable profitability. Hold Push, users will get all kinds of discount fees on the PushSwap ecosystem.

Moreover, your profit has never been limited by PushSwap interest rate policy, Many flexible savings interest rate policies have been built to allow users to maximize profits as much as possible.

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