Magnum – introduction


Magnum – introduction. Discover the features of this trading platform and direct access to its official website.

Magnum is an on-chain automated trading platform with web and mobile interfaces. It enables users to create copy-trading bots, token sniping bots, presale sniping bots and manual buy/sell orders with limit on the chain on DEX platforms.

Magnum – introduction:

Magnum aims to be the benchmark for trading tools on the market. That’s why it was so important to be available on all platforms and in all forms of user transactions. So, in addition to the Telegram Bot, a web application was created specifically for this ecosystem. The aim was to provide users with a simple, understandable interface. This will enable them to concentrate on finance rather than struggling with a chat bot.

Special features:

Magnum uses shared wallets for all exchanges. This ensures that users’ funds are never tied up on the platform. This means they can export the wallet at any time and start using it from any other wallet software of their choice.

All keys are stored with double 256-bit encryption, making it impossible for intruders to access users’ funds, even if they do access Magnum’s servers.

In addition to these services, the platform manages its own SRM robots to carry out transactions on the front line of the market. To maximize the probability of successful MEV transactions, the platform pools users’ commercial transactions with those of the robots. Users benefit from optimum transaction confidentiality.

This ecosystem benefits from the fastest bot scripts available. The strategies offered give users guaranteed execution in the desired block. All transactions on Magnum are private and absolutely immune to MEV bots trying to soak up all the profit.

3 features to remember:

Fastest Trades
Speed up your trading with Magnum’s efficient platform, outperforming traditional DEXs with rapid, on-chain transactions. Our user-friendly interface makes it simple: one click and your trade is on its way, no delays.

Private transactions
Transact with confidence, safe in the knowledge that your transactions are protected from MEV bots. Magnum’s secure transaction protocol means that your transactions remain private until mined, giving you a head start.

Limit orders
Set your target price for buying or selling tokens with Magnum’s limit order functionality. The platform will automatically execute your transaction at the specified price, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

With Magnum, you can create a Copy Trading Bot within seconds and start following your favorite trader and their earn based on their trades.

Direct access to the official website

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