Mirage is a free Visa card – on what terms?

Mirage Visa Card

Mirage is a free Visa card – on what terms? Discover its features, benefits and functionalities related to the crypto-currency world.

Mirage is a pioneering Web3 Visa debit card designed to facilitate seamless transactions in the digital realm.

It functions as a connector linking digital currencies with traditional financial structures, empowering individuals to utilize their digital assets seamlessly for global expenditures. Mirage operates similarly to a standard Visa card, facilitating transactions wherever Visa payments are recognized.

Mirage Visa Card, introduction:

Here is a KYC-free Visa card that serves as a bridge between the world of crypto-currencies and traditional financial systems.

Enjoy $10,000 USD monthly limit, Apple Pay connection, complete anonymity, high cashback and 0% fees

Key Features of Mirage:

Effortless Use: Mirage allows seamless utilization of cryptocurrencies akin to traditional money, enabling transactions and purchases at any merchant accepting Visa globally.

Privacy and Safety: Mirage prioritizes user data and financial activity protection, ensuring anonymity through cutting-edge encryption in every transaction, safeguarding users’ assets securely.

Global Reach: Breaking geographical barriers, Mirage grants users access to their funds and the ability to conduct transactions worldwide, fostering inclusivity and global connectivity.

Beta Phase Offerings: Mirage’s Beta phase introduces a KYC-free virtual card compatible with popular platforms like Apple Pay and Google Pay. This phase emphasizes user experience, offering a preview of a future marked by effortless transactions.

Mirage envisions evolving into a Virtual Bank empowered by cryptocurrencies, aiming to address three prominent DeFi challenges:

Enhanced Mobile Experience: In the realm of crypto, mobile interfaces lag behind Web2 software, presenting unfamiliar login processes and interactions with dApps. Compared to user-friendly virtual banking applications, these experiences are less intuitive for users transitioning from Web2.

Privacy Concerns in Transactions: Current crypto transactions lack privacy, with every on-chain transaction visible to all. For instance, paying a friend with Bitcoin exposes their transaction history, allowing instant access to their address, past, present, and even future transactions. This transparency also applies to one’s own transaction history.

Seamless Daily Spending: Integrating crypto into daily life remains challenging due to limited merchant acceptance and the complexity of converting crypto back to fiat currencies (Fiat off-ramp). This hinders convenient and widespread usage of cryptocurrencies for daily transactions.

Solving all these problems along with introducing many useful extra features Mirage aims to become a gateway to secure, global, and transformative financial interactions.

Mirage Wallet Features

Here is a mobile non-custodial wallet designed specifically for the BSC. Users can effortlessly oversee their assets, conduct transactions and staking activities, and engage in governance proposals on both iOS and Android platforms. Additionally, our in-app browser allows seamless connections to dApps.

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