K9 the third and final form of dog memes


K9 the third and final form of dog memes. Here are the characteristics of the project and direct access to its official website.

K9 is the third and final form of dog memes. First there was Dogecoin, then came Shiba Inu.

This dog meme has transcended the flesh and bones form of our predecessors into a metallic immortal dog that’s built for the future!

The world is progressing forward, we are seeing technology rapidly advancing. This token represents the rapidly evolving technological world. The next bull run will be driven by projects that push the boundary of innovation. This project is a homage to the innovators.

Here is a true meme coin and will remain as one, focusing on brand development, education and bringing awareness to those who are innovating.

K9, what are its advantages?

Meme coins should remain meme coins, they should be educational and help get more people into crypto. They should focus on expanding their brand into different areas. But the most important thing when you have a huge reach, especially with retail investors, is to protect them. Here’s why it’s the perfect time to introduce K9.

The solution to an important problem, which one?

There’s a strategic flaw in Shiba Inu’s strategy. The unnecessary implementation of Shibarium (Shiba Inu’s Layer 2).

There are plenty of L1s / L2s, all of which plan to attract real projects to build on chain. But what happens when a meme coin launches a L1 or L2 blockchain? It attracts other meme coins and scams. Exactly what happened with Dogechain (although not an official Dogecoin project).

When Shibarium launches, there will be a huge influx of ‘meme coins’ being launched on their L2, the vast majority being scams, no legit business would choose Shiba Inu’s L2 to build on.

Shiba Inu has a large retail reach, that means there will be a lot of uninformed investors believing that the projects launching on Shibarium are safe. This is a recipe for disaster as a lot of retail investors will be scammed, ultimately damaging the Shiba Inu brand.

A few words from the team:

K9 plans to remain a meme coin. That means we will focus on building features rather than utilities.

We want to focus our efforts on things which grow the K9 brand, those will be things that are fun, educational and collaborative.

On our website we have market cap/price targets for #K9, $BTC and $ETH. We’ve included this to create excitement for the upcoming bull run. We will be adding more top 50 projects, and we will add others based on the community’s requests.

K9 will focus on education, we want to provide a space where new crypto participants are able to find up to date information about crypto, how to take advantage of opportunities and most importantly how to stay safe.

This project is a homage to the innovators so we will be featuring projects both inside and outside of crypto, showcasing what they’re working on and how they’re driving technology forward.

Direct access to the official website

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