Jojo, decentralized meme coin creates the best metaverse on BSC

Jojo, decentralized meme coin creates the best metaverse on BSC. JOJO Token is issued based on the Binance Smart Chain, which is completely decentralized.


JOJO comes from Japan, based on the culture A (Animation) C (Comic) G (Game) N (Novel) which originated in Japan. A concept that is widely appreciated around the world, combined with the advanced technologies NFT and DeFi in the blockchain.

It has been introduced a large number of IP and ACGN designers well known in the field, make full use of the advantage “interoperability” of blockchain technology. This has enabled toy figures in the real world to interact with NFTs in the virtual world in the JOJO entertainment metaverse, breaking the dimensional barriers.

This means that finally a world-class pan-entertainment platform based on blockchain technology will be built.

Jojo token:

JOJO Token is a MEME Token that originates from the community, serves the community, and is self-governed by the community. It is fair and has a variety of gameplay methods.

The initial total issuance of $JOJO is 1 trillion, of which:

50% were burned by breaking into the blackhole address;

36% is put into PancakeSwap 2.0 to establish initial liquidity;

14% will be gradually burned after reaching the number of address holders.

$JOJO is completely decentralized, without any private equity and team reservations, and the liquidity in PancakeSwap 2.0 will also be permanently locked.

Jojo Fun Metaverse:

Yield Farming

It provides complete NFT underlying tools, including NFT casting, trading, and mining, etc. Concurrently, it will also open up a variety of gameplay such as refinement and reproduction. JOJO NFT is not only a collection, but it will also bring you more fun and create more value.

Play to Earn

JOJO GamPad promotes game incubation and distribution, builds JOJO entertainment meta-universe with a variety of games, and creates a new blockchain game financial system, making games not only interesting and fun, but also profitable!

Fun Metaverse

Combining the latest technologies such as NFT+NFC/AR, and combining high-quality IP with trendy designers to release physical toys, users can also map the NFT corresponding to the physical object to the game to achieve one-to-one correspondence between the physical object and the NFT, breaking the boundary between virtual and reality.

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