Infinity Metaverse, play for free, play for money!

Infinity Metaverse, play for free, play for money! Discover the features and benefits of this ecosystem.

Infinity Angel

Infinity Metaverse, immerse yourself in a colorful virtual world where you can do anything to earn money. Join space exploration fleets, transform yourself into a miner to extract minerals from an asteroid, join a space race, or simply become an Angel to fight for the ING reward an interstellar currency throughout the universe of this ecosystem.

Infinity, the story:

Infinity Metaverse set in the future world of the 24th century, where death is no longer the limit for humanity. Every consciousness as well as the soul is encoded into a new form of matter capable of being conveyed to substitutes for the old body or transported across all galaxies in the vast universe.

Infinity Angel:

Infinity Angel is chapter first of the Infinity Metaverse. This is the end of the world of Infinity after the opposition “Ghastz” destroyed the entire Angel civilization as well as human space technology. Ghastz believers that immortality is for creators, not humans.

Angel actually are human consciousness encoded into new matter (a digital halo) and angel bodies are essentially just a vessel designed to have military-grade combat capabilities.

Here is a real-time online battle arena game that combines Moba and Action elements. This game uses 3d design graphics with 3rd person perspective, in the near future you can use VR devices to participate in combat with extremely stimulating 1st person perspective.

You should think of a good strategy before you start because the fiercest battle is waiting for you from the moment Infinity Angel brings you to the fight against the Ghatz faction.

Vision & Mission:

Compared to traditional gambling, which originated more than 30 years ago, P2E gambling did not start so long ago.

Although it has been around for a while, it has reached exponential growth both in terms of transactions and total active users. It took more than 10 years for crypto-currencies like bitcoin to become mainstream, but given the current state of affairs, GameFi is expected to gain traction much faster than crypto-currencies.

Capturing the huge demand for the current game NFT and combining it with over a decade of mobile game development and production experience, the team has created an exciting game that meets people’s needs. demand both entertainment and gaming to make money today.

Here’s why you can believe in the potential of this ecosystem:

  • Sharp 3D graphics, engaging and dramatic gameplay. The characters are artfully created, with the potential to become high value NFT collectibles. Mainstream
  • Mainstream focus on tokenomics, gaming and staking through ING token to earn rewards.
  • The game offers many opportunities to earn and relax with a focus on socializing and competing with other players.
  • Support from strong advisors and partners from the blockchain gaming community (Moon Knight Labs).
  • The community is input and the team is always building on the community input to bring out the best in the game.
  • A platform where content creators and gamers alike can unleash their passions and connect in the virtual world.


The overall road map of the game’s infinity universe consists of five great eras: (1) Infinity Angel Era; (2) Infinity Space Era; (3) Infinity Metaverse Era; (4) Infinity Activities Era and (5) Infinity Universal Era.

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