GameFi Official, what is it?

GameFi Official, what is it? Discover a complete hub for video game funding, here’s all the info.

GameFi definition: GameFi is a mix of Game and DeFi, a gamified monetary sector the place customers could make a revenue by taking part in video games. Part of that is “gaming”, however at its core, “finance” is the most vital factor for customers.

Here is an interesting project that can be categorized as GameFi and therefore aptly named.


GameFi services blockchain Gamers, Investors, and Traders in one Guild and Aggregator alongside a Launchpad exclusively for games.

GameFi, let’s discover this platform and what it offers:

GameFi offers the most extensive collection of resources to all participants in the booming game finance economy.

Ecosystem Features:

1. Game Aggregator
Access games and gaming assets of any blockchain from a single user dashboard.

2. Game Launchpad
The only game-specific launchpad, designed to be chain-agnostic.

3. Yield Guild
Token holders can finance Play to Earn gameplay through Scholarship and other creative activities.

4. Minigames
Simple blockchain games to help new crypto adopters get acquainted with NFTs and Play to Earn models.

5. Game Market
Multi-chain NFT marketplace exclusively for blockchain game items.

6. Auction House
Fair and trustless bidding of rare and valuable in-game items.

Who is GameFi for?

For games project, for games investors, for games players



Developers and teams working on blockchain games can greatly accelerate their delivery target by adopting factory contracts for token economies, NFTs, and Play to Earn mechanics.

Ecosystem fees:

Trading Fees
Trading Fees are applied to item trades that take place on the Game Market.

Acceleration Fees
Acceleration Fees are applied to funds raised on the Game Launchpad and for smart contracts deployed from the GameFi accelerator.

Yield Fees
Yield Fees are earned from the Play to Earn financed through the Yield Guild.

GameFi has its own native token,Gafi

Three highlights to remember about this token:

GAFI holders receive discounts on trading and yield fees.

Liquidity Support
Portion of ecosystem fees are used to support the token’s liquidity on the secondary market.

GAFI stakers have the ability to propose the direction of the ecosystem.

GameFi, what to remember:

Here is the all-encompassing hub for game finance. The platform services blockchain gamers, investors, and traders in one Guild and Aggregator alongside a launchpad exclusively for games.

Interested in knowing more? Find all the information from the official website.

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