Galaxy Villains – $GVC – its mission

Galaxy Villains - $GVC

Galaxy Villains – $GVC – its mission. Discover the mission, features and benefits of this token and its dedicated website.

Galaxy Villains – $GVC is no ordinary Crypto Token. Here, we build for the long term and always based on developing utility.

GVC token is your gateway to a decentralized galaxy where holders can take control of their finances and earn sparkling rewards.

Galaxy Villains intends to disrupt the crypto space and make themselves known to the masses while always aiming for the moon!

Galaxy Villains – $GVC, the mission:

The challenge and therefore the mission is to achieve excellence in everything that is offered in this ecosystem.

The goal is to empower people by creating enjoyable experiences in Web3 applications with social and spatial gaming elements.

So the mission is to bridge the gap between the physical, Web3 and the metaverse.

Explore the Galaxy Villains Features

Gamefi will be P2E type of game with item upgrades to enhance your characters.

Players will fight through different levels while earning rewards.

These rewards will increase with more upgrades done on
the characters until players reach the final boss where they will have the chance to collect the biggest reward of them all!


Staking will be available soon, initially three staking pools will be created for holders to profit with passive income while they hold:

No Lock
30 Days Lock
90 Days Lock

$GVC, tokenomics:


GVC token is launching on the ETH Chain (ERC20) because it is a smart contract-enabled high throughput blockchain that boasts low transaction fees while maintaining a secure, fast, and
scalable network at the same time.

There are many reasons why GVC was built on the ETH ERC-20 network:

  • Rich and growing Ethereum ecosystem ensures more possibilities for growth with access to the top technology stack.
  • ETH supports cross-chain DeFi mechanisms, which increases the DeFi interoperability.
  • Ethereum ecosystem funds and bootstrap innovative DeFi projects

Name: Galaxy Villains
Symbol: GVC
Total Supply: 1 Billion
Trading Fee: 5%
Network: ETH (ERC 20)

Chainlink has collaborated with GVC. This integration with Chainlink will allow transactions to have optimal gas fees while using features like an automatic swap to maintain a healthy Liquidity Pool (LP).

Direct access to the official website

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