Flying Colours (OURS), what is it?

Flying Colours (OURS), what is it? A token hyper-deflationary with static reflection that rewards holders automatically.

Flying Colours

Flying Colours Finance token, the token for OURS, is developed on top of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as a token that follows the BEP20 standard.

In decentralized finance news, you often hear that decentralized finance is made possible by the use of decentralized exchanges in collaboration with liquidity pool smart contracts. In order for a blockchain smart token to be traded on a decentralized exchange, it must have a liquidity pool of tokens to trade. The challenge remains how to properly incentivize users to maintain such liquidity pools.

The analysis and thoughts behind the creation of this system:

Recognizing this, developers have attempted to satisfy these conditions by using various tokenomics structures with incentives for the user to supply liquidity into the pools. An automatic liquidity acquisition can be featured as an alternative solution compared against the traditional “farming reward” structure. An automatic liquidity acquisition function where users are offered rewards (via reflection) in traditional farming rewards. These reflections would act to distribute tokens proportional to volume and could thus provide a more reasonable incentive for holding.

Although reflection and automatic liquidity acquisition may contribute to stability, an inherent burn which can achieve token scarcity with a depreciating token supply.

The combination of these tokenomics seeks to eliminate the flaws of various predecessors, while providing useful incentives for use case and adoption.

Effectively, any application that is added with these smart contract functions could have the effect of amplifying Flying Colours tokenomics.

Flying Colours features:


4% fee of each transaction is redistributed to token holders. That means you can earn more $OURS by just holding them.


2% fee of each transaction will be added into the liquidity pool, automatically. The pool will get bigger over time.

Secured By Design

All liquidity are locked and secured in PinkSale for 9999 days. Team tokens are vested, rug pull will never happens


Everyone can purchase $OURS via credit cards (VISA & MasterCard), Apple Pay and Google Pay


OURS NFTs will be release for Flying Colours community, together with the launch of NFT marketplace

OURS Metaverse & GameFi

Collect, Play and earn with OURS. AAA stunning graphics will be delivered in phase

OURS token distribution:

Flying Colours Finance employs a fair distribution. On contract deployment, the token supply be distributed as follows:


  • 9% Airdrop ( 30000 OURS release 4.5% after two weeks list in PCS, remaining 4.5% will release in phase 3)
  • 6% dev team (lock 1years)
  • 52% presales
  • 32.2% liquidity
  • 0.8% pinksales pool

Token Economy

11% of every transaction sell and buy will be distributed to all token holders, PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool and marketing wallet based on the percentage of tokens holders own.


  • 2% Liquidity
  • 5% Marketing Wallet
  • 4% Reflection

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