Firulais Finance $FIRU, what is it?

Firulais Finance $FIRU, what is it? Discover a project without owner, decentralized and supported by its community.

Firulais Finance and Firu token, a decentralized P2P CryptoCurrency with Auto Rewards Farming (ARF).

Firulais Finance

Firulais Finance is proprietary, fully decentralized and community supported. Free and open communication is encouraged between all members of the community so that anyone who wishes to can be informed and even participate in every step of Firulais’ growth.

In the crypto-currency market, trust is paramount. This means full transparency not only in the support and development of the community, but also in any security efforts.

Firulais source code is fully verified and audited, 50% of the total supply of tokens will be burned, liquidity is locked for 12 months, 50% of the total supply is locked by Unicrypt to ensure that team members don’t have tokens in hidden wallets, when those tokens are unlocked 50% of them will be burned!

Firulais Finance, earnings in automatic mode:

REWARDS are distributed to $FIRU holders automatically in real time. 2% of the transaction is distributed to holders for each transaction. All $FIRU holders can sit back, relax and watch their $FIRU balance grow every day!


FiruDex will enable the possibility of making low commisions Swap transactions in both BSC and ETH networks all in a single integrated platform with graphics and tools for technical analysis, this functions will be available in the final version.


NFT decentralized marketplace – $FIRU tokens can be staked in order to receive exclusive NFT rewards and digital collectibles featured by artists that are themselves part of the community.


FIRU WALLET will be an application available on the IOS and Android platform that will allow users to store all their cryptocurrencies within the application. The wallet feature includes: Dapps, FiruDex, cryptocurrency purchase from the application, CloudBackup and much more.


It is an ERC20 token and the first token of the Firulais Finance ecosystem that in a decentralized way, provides automatic rewards to all holders, allowing them to passively increase their income, the larger and more frequent the transactions, the more reward the holders will obtain.


$FIWT Token, will be a token with a different concept than $ FIRU, its main use will be for the payment of transaction commissions in FIRUWALLET – FIRUDEX, of this there will only be a total supply of 16M – of which 2M will be distributed in a automatic among all active holders of $FIRU.

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