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Drops, a decentralized locked liquidity marketplace. Here are the project specifications and direct access to the website.

Drops introduces innovative methods for value exchange within DeFi, enabling the conversion of illiquid or locked assets while opening up fresh investment opportunities. Offering a secure, decentralized, and peer-to-peer marketplace for trading locked liquidity, this project boosts the speed of capital circulation in DeFi.

This ecosystem will stimulate the entire DeFi. It offers specific benefits and value to liquidity sellers, liquidity buyers and DROPS token holders.

Drops, project features:

There are three main ways to take advantage of the technology provided by Drops’ peer-to-peer locked liquidity marketplace:

  • Buying locked liquidity
  • Selling locked liquidity
  • Trading locked liquidity

Transactions involving locked liquidity within the marketplace primarily utilize the DROPS Token. This boosts the token’s internal economy, incentivizing its acquisition while imbuing it with inherent marketplace worth.

Buying Locked Liquidity

Buying locked liquidity is a new form of DeFi investing facilitated by the Drops marketplace. It entails the purchase of a liquidity lock ownership, typically at a reduced price compared to the ETH value of the locked pool. The intention is to wait for the unlock date of said pool to claim profits.

When locked liquidity is purchased, the DROPS (or ETH) used to buy pool ownership is transferred to the seller, and lock ownership is transferred from the marketplace’s main smart contract to the buyer.

Selling Locked Liquidity

Selling locked liquidity is an effortless way to gain expedited access to funds which would otherwise remain illiquid. It entails the public listing of a locked liquidity pool owned by the seller, typically at a reduced rate compared to the ETH value it contains. The intention is to incentivize the purchase of said pool in order to avoid the wait time associated with the liquidity lock. When locked liquidity is listed on the Drops Marketplace, ownership of the liquidity lock is transferred to the marketplace’s main smart contract in preparation for its purchase.

Listings may be removed by the seller at any time. DROPS is the primary currency used for buying liquidity within the marketplace. ETH may also be used, should the seller be willing to incur a brokerage fee of 10%.

Trading Locked Liquidity

Trading locked liquidity is a new way to arbitrage value in order to generate rapid returns. It entails the purchase of illiquid assets with the intention of immediately reselling them at a higher price.

Marketplace Security Measures

The Drops Marketplace is committed to ensuring ethical and secure value exchanges. To this end, the platform has integrated security measures aimed at reducing the risk of malicious activities.

To find out what measures have been taken and the details of the entire project, we invite you to visit the project’s official website.

Direct access to the official website

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