Brightpool Finance, introduction


Brightpool Finance, introduction. Find out more about the objectives and features of this new ecosystem, as well as direct access to its website.

Brightpool Finance isn’t just another crypto-currency exchange.

What sets this project apart is that it pays you to trade. Unlike traditional exchanges, where you may pay a fee to trade, Brightpool rewards you every time you place an order. This revolutionary approach is made possible by a unique system that benefits all users.

Brightpool Finance – introduction:

This ecosystem is designed to be more than just a place to trade cryptocurrencies. It’s a community where your contributions are directly rewarded and where you have a voice in its evolution.


Get Paid to Trade: Simply by using Brightpool to make your cryptocurrency trades, you earn rewards. It’s our way of saying thank you for contributing to our platform’s activity.

Innovative Liquidity Pool: At the heart of Brightpool is our special fund, known as the Native Liquidity Pool. This pool is crucial for completing trades on the platform. But here’s the twist – it doesn’t just rely on user deposits to grow. Instead, it expands as the platform profits from trading activities. This means the more Brightpool is used, the stronger and more valuable this pool becomes.

Dedicated Pools for Currency Pairs: Each type of currency trade on Brightpool is supported by its own specific pool, paired with a unique token. For example, our first pool is for Ethereum (ETH), associated with the BRIX token. This system allows for efficient and flexible trading across different cryptocurrencies.

Starting from Zero: Initially, each pool’s token supply is zero. Tokens are then created based on trading activities – specifically, the orders you place. This ensures a fair and dynamic distribution of rewards.

Governance and Control: The platform is governed by the BRI token. Holding this token gives you a say in how Brightpool operates, including decisions about its future direction. It’s part of our commitment to ensuring that Brightpool remains a platform that serves its users’ needs.

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How does it work in practice?

Suppose the price of bitcoin (BTC) is 44,000 USD and you want to sell it for 46,000 USD.

You connect your wallet to Brightpool and place an order to sell 1 BTC for 46,000 USD with a 7-day maturity. Your BTC is then locked into a Brightpool smart contract – the Order Pool. After 7 days, if the price of the BTC is equal to or greater than 46,000 USD, your order is executed and you receive 46,000 USD. If the price reaches USD 48,000, you still receive what you requested, i.e. USD 46,000. If the BTC price does not reach 46,000 USD (on the expiry date), you get your 1 BTC back.

Want to find out more?

Direct access to the official website

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