DigiBunnies, The Meme Token With A Play-To-Earn Ecosystem


DigiBunnies, The Meme Token With A Play-To-Earn Ecosystem. Discover this new ecosystem, its features, benefits and much more.

DigiBunnies, a playful and innovative meme coin that brings the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs together. The aim is to capture the hearts of the digital generation with thiscute bunnies collection, while providing an opportunity for NFT trading.

If you follow DeFi news, you’ll know that it is regularly marked by the release of new tokens linked to a specific ecosystem.

Recently, an invigorating and soothing project named DigiBunnies appeared in the public eye. If you are a bunny enthusiast, it’s impossible for you to miss out on this, as if you’ve suddenly tumbled into a rabbit hole in the forest.

DigiBunnies, features:

The purpose of DigiBunnies is to create a fun and engaging way for people to participate in the cryptocurrency market and NFT trading.

Digibunnies, where borders fade and possibilities know no bounds. Embrace the power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, as this platform opens the door to a borderless economy that transcends traditional financial limitations. With seamlessly explore the digiworlds, participate in quizzes and treasure hunts and engage in the vibrant world of cryptos and nfts.

Tokenomics ($DGBN)

The circulating supply of DigiBunnies is set at 1,000,000,000,000 tokens, with no additional tokens minted or burned.

This ensures that the supply remains constant and creates scarcity, increasing the value of the tokens. The initial price of DigiBunnies will be determined by the demand in the market.


All data is available on Matic chain,
the coin is not mintable or burnable


DigiBunnies built on Matic, making the currency secure and transparent at the same time.

The target audience is the digital generation who are interested in cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and cute designs. DigiBunnies is designed to be accessible and easy-to-use, making it a great token for all ages.

In a nutshell:

DigiBunnies is a playful and innovative meme that bridges the gap between the world of crypto-currencies and that of NFTs. This projec aims to win the hearts of the digital generation with its adorable collection of digital bunnies, while offering an exciting opportunity for NFT trading. DigiBunnies’ total offering is capped at 1 trillion tokens, with no additional tokens struck or burned. Any future token burn will be guided by community consensus.

What sets DigiBunnies apart is not only the platform it creates and the trading opportunities it offers, but also the interactive experiences it provides. Users can embark on thrilling adventures with their digital rabbits, exploring the fascinating virtual expanse of this project, and discover hidden treasures thanks to their innovative treasure map function.

Each class of digital bunny is unique, with its own characteristics, abilities and limitations. Participants have the opportunity to earn DGBN tokens, the platform’s essential currency. With these tokens, users can purchase various resources, treasures and equipment for their digital rabbits, to strengthen them and enable them to acquire new skills and abilities.

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