CrossSwap improves the cross-channel trading experience, how?

CrossSwap improves the cross-channel trading experience, how? The goal is to take the cross-channel trading experience to a new level with features never seen before.


CrossSwap is an upcoming decentralized exchange (DEX) that provides a unified cross-chain trading experience by enabling users to swap and bridge their assets across every major network from one single platform.

CrossSwap, what you need to know:

Project pre-launch staging area

Projects can pre-add liquidity and schedule the launch time, allowing projects to review the data and make edits before going live. No more delays or incorrect launch variables.

Token claim distribution setup

Project can set every wallet that requires tokens before launch day and schedule the release. The users can then claim after the scheduled adding of liquidity. No more delayed token distributions.

Automatic liquidity locking

When a project adds liquidity, CrossSwap automatically locks the liquidity to help ensure the safety of project participants. Users can also see the amount and duration of blocked liquidity on the trading platform

Proven anti-liquidity sniping methodology

CrossSwap will be integrated with the BlueZilla anti-bot methodology used successfully by BSCPad for over 40 launches. Projects can design their own whitelists that are public and on chain.

Built in front running deterrents

The plateform will use virtual rates to make front running unprofitable, discouraging front running, ensuring users get the most out of every trade.


CrossSwap, a Revolutionary DEX

Bridge and Swap on one interface

CrossSwap is a cross-chain swap designed to unify the trading experience on one platform.

Swap between tokens across all major platforms with a few simple clicks

Supporting all major chains

At launch CrossSwap will support ETH & BSC and by the end of 2021 we will integrate support for other major chains.

CrossWallet App

CrossSwap will be the native swap and bridge built into CrossWallet, making it easy for everyone to buy, sell and bridge tokens inside their wallet, 100% of the trading fee’s accumulated via CrossWallet built in feature will be rewarded to the CrossWallet token stakers.

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