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CenterPrime, Financial Smart Pairing Node

Mai 25, 2021
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CenterPrime, Financial Smart Pairing Node. CenterPrime is a hyperledger private chain, useful information.

CenterPrime achieves a variety of possibilities through a blockchain that connects all worlds. It connects all services such as finance, investment, insurance, auction, logistics, real estate, tax, etc. through a private hyper-leisure channel and an open fintech bank. Connect to other worlds with CenterPrime.


CenterPrime, what is?

CenterPrime is a hyperledger private chain. In the client app, which is serviced in finance, investment, insurance, auction, logistics, real estate, and tax, we develop a chain of blockchain through node SDK to realize hybrid blockchain through open banking that is part of the fintech system.


Improve network performance with limited access and approvals and reduce development and onboarding time to reduce total cost.


Based on the understanding of existing enterprise systems and processes, it is possible to integrate seamlessly with other blockchain networks.


Centerprime’s private chain, which allows only authorized access, can respond flexibly to bugs and network attacks.

Oracle Perceptron Protocol is a protocol that issues synthetic assets to connect custodial assets of the real economy and non-custodial assets of the digital economy, and provides reliability through irreversibility. The key point is that the oracle innovation finance protocol, which broke from the monopoly vicious cycle of the chain network due to the automatic payment of tokens in the real economy and the inefficiency of gas fees due to token use through open banking fintech chain network of traditional finance and the multi-cross chain network of the DeFi.

CenterPrime projects that materialize in three areas :


Provide reliable financial exchange rate data through Smart Pairing


Establishment of P2P investment system through collaboration with Korea Financial Group Open Banking


Establish insurance system through collaboration with Korea Financial Group Open Banking

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