Bonk of America, Earning Rewards is Easy

Bonk of America

Bonk of America, Earning Rewards is Easy. Here are the features of this new ecosystem and direct access to its website.

Bonk of Amercica, top-tier customer service and an incredible AI Raid Rewards Bot.

Reward cards are the latest and greatest way to get communities working together. Find out why with this introduction to a new project that’s sure to be making news at DeFi.

Bank of America – introduction

Bank of America is in the process of creating the Bonk Teller bot: an innovative tool set to transform how token communities encourage engagement and retain users through unprecedented methods.

Operating within Telegram while tapping into Twitter and blockchain data, the Bonk Teller is crafted to elevate engagement levels by autonomously compensating members for their involvement in diverse activities such as raids, gaming, investment retention, liquidity provision, and even fostering positive sentiment.

This groundbreaking bot seamlessly integrates with Telegram groups, empowering communities to drive engagement through a fluid rewards mechanism.

Key features

Automated and Manual Rewards: The bot employs a blend of scheduled rewards, AI-driven incentives, and manual functionalities (like “/reward”) to allocate native tokens to users for a broad spectrum of engagement activities.

Easy Setup: Users simply furnish the bot with their wallet address and Twitter handle(s) to establish a ‘Bonk Account.’ This links their Telegram, Twitter, and wallet interactions, enabling a robust reward framework. Bot administrators don’t even require users’ wallet addresses to dispense rewards. Developers can seamlessly integrate their communities, akin to adding Chatter Shield and Rose bots.

Scalability: These systems are highly scalable, as the team is constantly expanding its partnerships and user base. Leveraging its adept management of user data, individuals need only create a Bonk Account once to effortlessly receive rewards across all communities employing the Bonk Teller.

Since its launch, the Bonk Teller Telegram Bot has seen remarkable retention rates among Black Card holders (as of Day 15, 30 of 35 BONKA Black Card members still hold their BBC – that’s over 80%, retention among our biggest holders).

This indicates strong community support and satisfaction with the pace of development of this ecosystem. This tool represents a unique opportunity for developers and community leaders to drive engagement, reward loyalty, and foster a vibrant ecosystem.

Developers are seeing and feeling this, so there is absolutely no shortage of interested partner communities.

Direct access to the official website

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