ZKArchive – cloud storage platform


ZKArchive – cloud storage platform. Here are the features of this new ecosystem and direct access to its official website.

ZKArchive, your Innovative blockchain-based Cloud storage platform. If you follow blockchain news, you’ll certainly enjoy discovering this new project that meets real needs.

ZKArchive, its features and benefits:

Discover a revolutionary cloud storage platform. Using blockchain technology, it guarantees secure, confidential storage of sensitive files and data.

Thanks to Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology, ZKArchive enables users to store, organize and exchange files securely, while preserving confidentiality at every stage.

Harnessing the power of Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology, ZKArchive operates on the Ethereum network, leveraging blockchain’s security and transparency to maintain unbroken data integrity. Users can securely store their crucial files, assured that access is exclusive to them.

This ecosystem prioritizes privacy and security, addressing the pressing needs of data storage in our constantly evolving digital landscape.

Three highlights:

  • High security
  • Guaranteed privacy
  • Uninterrupted data integrity


High Security

zkArchive utilizes Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology to provide a high level of security, ensuring that only users have access to their own data.

Data Integrity

Built on the Ethereum blockchain network, zkArchive ensures uninterrupted data integrity, so users can trust that their files are safe from manipulation or loss.


zkArchive is designed to grow with user needs. The platform can easily scale to handle increasing volumes of data over time.

Guaranteed Privacy

With zkArchive, user privacy is tightly maintained. ZKP technology allows users to store and share files without revealing personal information to third parties.


By leveraging blockchain technology, zkArchive offers a high level of transparency in file storage and management processes, allowing users to track every activity that occurs.


An intuitive user interface makes zkArchive easy to use even for individuals with limited experience in blockchain technology.

ZKARCH token:

85% for Liquidity Pool

This allocation, totaling 280,704,000 tokens, is intended to provide liquidity for the token within decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and other liquidity pools.

5% for Staking

With a total of 16,512,000 tokens allocated, this portion is dedicated to incentivizing token holders to stake their tokens in the network.

10% for Marketing and Development

This allocation, amounting to 33,024,000 tokens, is reserved for funding marketing initiatives and further development of the project.

Direct access to the official website

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