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APF Coin

APF Coin by APF Digital Agrifund CR. Find out more about this ecosystem and its token, as well as direct access to its website.

APF Coin (APFC), combining the benefits of digital assets with the benefits of real investments in agricultural land.

The APFC token is listed via an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) on a cryptocurrency exchange after fulfilling the relevant conditions of the particular exchange, including the implementation of AML (Anti-Money-Laudering). The APFC token is not intended for retail sale and is not a collective investment scheme.

APF Coin (APFC), introduction:

The project of APF DIGITAL AGRIFUND CR s.r.o. aims to combine the advantages of digital assets with the benefits of real investment in agricultural land. Given the stable development of agricultural land prices in the Czech Republic and market conditions, it offers clients a more conservative form of investment in crypto-assets, which is backed by the assets of the APF GROUP.

The company APF DIGITAL AGRIFUND CR s.r.o. belongs to the APF GROUP of companies engaged in investments in agricultural land in the Czech Republic.

A few important details:

The company has been registered in the list of persons carrying out asset management comparable to asset management within the meaning of Section 15(1) of the Investment Companies and Investment Funds Act, maintained by the CNB in accordance with Section 596(e) of the Alternative Investment Fund Act. Inclusion on the list does not constitute a business license and does not authorize the public to offer investments and collect money from the public for the purpose of investing it together. Neither the Company nor its activities are subject to the supervision of the CNB, the Company is not subject to any prudential or other rules of operation and the funds entrusted to it for management are not insured by law.

At the same time as the management of the funds entrusted to it as an alternative fund, the company has the ambition to enter the international cryptocurrency market with its own cryptocurrency APF Coin (APFC). The company is currently seeking to list APFC on a cryptocurrency exchange in a separate ICO. This issued cryptocurrency will be backed by the assets of the APF GROUP.

The funds entrusted to the Alternative Fund and the funds raised through the sale of the APF Coin cryptocurrency are primarily used to purchase agricultural land, and in accordance with the Alternative Fund’s investment strategy, to invest in securities of companies operating in the agriculture, food and related industries and in cryptocurrencies related to projects within the agriculture sector.

Why to invest in agricultural land?

Agriculture is an integral part of the primary sector of the national economy of the Czech Republic. Its importance is not only in the production of food and other agricultural products, but it is also of great significance for the preservation of the cultural landscape and in the context of an ecological approach to the environment.

All crops characteristic of the country’s geographical and climatic location are grown in the Czech Republic. These include all the main cereals (wheat, barley, rye, oats and maize), sugar beet for sugar production, potatoes, oilseeds (rape), flax, hops, fruit, vegetables and vines. Livestock production in the Czech Republic is mainly cattle (for milk and meat), pigs and poultry.

The total area of the agricultural land fund of the Czech Republic is 4 269 000 ha (54,1 % of the total area of the country). Most of it is arable land, although its area is decreasing. On the other hand, the area of permanent grassland is increasing.

80 % of agricultural land is under agricultural lease. 75 % of landowners are individuals.

Development of market prices of agricultural land in Czech Republic

The agricultural land market in the Czech Republic is practically without major restrictions in the context of transfer of ownership to third parties. EU citizens can acquire agricultural land without restrictions. The fragmented ownership of land allows a large number of trades to be actively pursued even with a small area. All agricultural land intended for investment is leased to agricultural operators who farm the land. These operators are obliged to comply with legal standards relating to the protection of agricultural land reserves, the conduct of agricultural activities and compliance with environmental standards for sustainability and landscape development.

Agricultural land has a stable market price trend and is not subject to market price fluctuations like other assets (e.g. stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, cryptocurrencies, residential and commercial real estate).

Sister company Agrární půdní fond s.r.o. (APF) was founded in May 2020 as a startup by a combination of an investor, a real estate broker and agricultural land traders in the Czech Republic. It is currently part of the APF GROUP, which primarily focuses on farmland investments.

APF is a real estate broker under the relevant Real Estate Brokerage Act with professional liability insurance of CZK 20 million.

APF has been entered in the list of persons carrying out asset management comparable to asset management within the meaning of Section 15(1) of the Investment Companies and Investment Funds Act, which is maintained by the CNB in accordance with Section 596(e) of the Alternative Investment Fund Act.

APFC, tokenomic

APFC is an secured token created on the Ethereum Mainnet.

An electronic wallet based on MetaMask is used as a tool to hold and transfer APFC.

Distribution of coins

The total amount of coins issued is 250 000 000 pieces. The number of units available to the public at the initial coin offering (ICO) is 70% of the base, i.e. 175 000 000 units.

175M APFCs will be placed on the HitBTC crypto exchange through an ICO which will take place from May 2023. The initial price of 1 APFC is set at USD 0.2.

The remaining coins (75,000,000 units) represent the company’s liquidity management reserve.

Direct retail sales of APFCs are not possible.

The funds raised from the sale of APFC cryptocurrency are used primarily for the purchase of agricultural land within the Czech Republic. Holders are kept informed of the value of the deposit cover through the Company’s website, where the Company’s performance will be published on a regular basis.

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