Alpha Genesis ($AGEN), what is it?

Alpha Genesis ($AGEN), what is it? Discover this DeFi project and its token as well as the direct access to its official website.

Alpha Genesis

Alpha Genesis is a multi blockchain token that rewards all of its holders in 5% BUSD rewards plus gives you an opportunity to earn from our rewards pool.

This ecosystem has evolved to prove that quality projects with real use cases and utilities appeal to the educated investor who are looking for long term investments over meme coins that come and go quickly.

Alpha Genesis, a united team with clear ambitions:

Alpha Genesis (AGEN) has formed a collaboration with the Alpha Ape LLC team.

Both teams are committed to full transparency with all investors and have the drive and dedication to ensure long-term success.

Our goal is to constantly strive to exceed the needs of the sophisticated investor. The year 2022 has been tumultuous so far, to say the least.

Everything from the economy, carpet ripping, ransomware, the war in Ukraine, inflation, gas prices and more has impacted the crypto-currency markets around the world.

Multi Chain AGEN

By the end of 2022 Alpha Genesis will be one of the few projects out to be bridged on six different blockchains.

By establishing AGEN on multiple blockchains it gives everyone a chance no matter what their chain of choice is to be invested in a once in a lifetime project.

The biggest benefit of bridging AGEN on multiple blockchains with the same LP is that it eliminates people from being able to arbitrage.

Another major benefit to sharing LP amongst chains is that if volume is higher on one chain the entire ecosystem benefits.
The first chain AGEN will be bridged on is Ethereum. (ETH)

The following chains will follow:

  • Polygon
  • Solana
  • Avalanche
  • CRO

This project marks the DeFi news at the moment, here are the reasons.

Alpha Genesis (AGEN) has developed this unique opportunity for all of its educated investors to earn passive income from another passive income source.

A percentage of all Alpha Genesis (AGEN) purchases and sales will be used to purchase POODL, CURE and Peach folio to be distributed from our Defi Rewards pool.

Because our sophisticated investors understand the value of long-term ownership, we have created the exclusive Defi Rewards Card. For the savvy investor who is willing to hold on to his or her tokens and ensure the stability of the project, the rewards are generous. You must maintain the corresponding number of Alpha Genesis (AGEN) tokens to maintain your eligibility.

NFT For Defi Rewards

The Alpha Genesis (AGEN) Defi Pool rewards will be distributed every Friday to those that hold the NFT and the corresponding amount of Alpha Genesis (AGEN) Tokens.

To maintain eligibility, you must maintain ownership of your Alpha Genesis (AGEN) Defi NFT and not allow your AGEN Balance go below the minimum amount needed. The eligibility criteria will be verified prior to the Defi rewards being distributed.

Wallet amounts will be checked and any balance less than required will disqualify you from rewards. It is advisable to maintain more AGEN than what is required in your wallet.

Direct access to the official website

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