AI Technology Network (AITN), what is it?

AI Technology Network (AITN), what is it? Here is the perfect combination of AI and blockchain.

AI Technology Network (AITN) aims to provide a common blockchain platform for more complex artificial intelligence applications. This will allow data and operating platform resource parties, application developers and users to freely publish and use their own resources and applications on this blockchain. This will make it possible to create an ecology of artificial intelligence applications on the blockchain platform with a lower technical threshold and cost.

AI Technology Network (AITN)

AI Technology Network (AITN), here are more details:

This project aims to lay the groundwork for a market economy built around a marketplace for the big data process and AI training.

Anyone with a good idea for a model can access the AI ​​technology network and benefit from unprecedented amounts and varieties of data, as well as efficient federated computing.

This project introduce a BEPW BEP20 token, AITN as the economy share of AI Technology Network.

Any kind of transactions happen in the AI Technology Network economy shall be settled by AITN.

The environment to be taken into account:

All kinds of industry need AI to utilize their procession and cooperation with market demand and supply chain.

Cited from Fortune, “ projected to grow from $47.47 billion in 2021 to the global Artificial Intelligence market is $360.36 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 33.6% in forecast period .

Further, amid the pandemic, not only the health care industry experiencing hunger for AI, but also industries such as retail, manufacturing, automotive transportation, and logistic, even medium and small companies in these industries highly invested in the AI technology to balance the demand and supply.

The AI solution providers stand on the supply side, apart from the traditional giant’s cell like Azure and Facebook AI, more and more AI labs emerge and many of they are specialists in a vertical industry. Competing with big brothers, the new AI companies desire good quality big datasets a lot and will perfectly get used to the AI Technology Network.

What is exciting for public organizations about the AI technology network is the personal user and their commitment to the future that will ensure the prosperity of AI.

Even governments realize the consequences of data centralization, regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation can only protect users’ privacy and data age, cumulative profit and power always put the user in an unfair situation. However, in the network economy of AI technology, once the user buys the device, the device NFT, the unique certification of the ownership and usufruct protects the user’s benefit in his/her data.

AITN Tokenomics

AITN is designed to support the development of AI Technology Network. Therefore, its distribution is vital for highlighting our mission: building a decentralized brain for the welfare of the whole community. AITN is limited public resource with a total supply of 2 billion, referred to as The Total Supply.

Out of the AITN genesis block allocation, 5% of the total supply will be allocated for fundraising, primarily for making the first net batch of robots. 20% of the total supply will be allocated to AITN laboratories. Together with all kinds of donation from the AITN community, it will be used to build the digital twin world and train the decentralized brain. Another 5% of The Total Supply will be allocated to the AITN Foundation, which will discover how AI can help the charity, especially those big issue that everyone feels a heavy burden like global warming. The remaining 70% of The Total Supply will all serve as incentives for computing rewards and liquidity rewards (a loan Defi in the AITN economy.

And here is a news that will interest those who follow the NFT news, discover it AITN NFT Store which allows to buy all types of AITN NFT property, create an NFT node, add your own AITN NFT, invite other AITN NFT owners to participate in your node, improve node revenue efficiency and earn more AITN revenue.

To learn more, find all the information on the official website of the project.

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