1eco, discover the project and its token

1eco, discover the project and its token. Here is a blockchain technology-based C2E platform that builds a bridge between the real and virtual worlds,

1eco is a platform that will solve various problems in cities by connecting reality and the virtual world using decentralized blockchain technology.

Most energy resources, such as coal and oil, are produced in non-renewable ways to provide energy to cities. These production processes are causing global environmental problems through harmful chemical emissions. On top of this, air pollution from exhaust gases emitted from various forms of transportation causes ozone layer destruction leading to greenhouse gas effects that threaten nature and humans’ right to live.

In the healthcare industry, mutual data utilization between different medical institutions is low due to the absence of normalized standards for medical data.

This ecosystem will closely connect with reality in order to encourage green energy production, reduce harmful emissions, induce the use of smart e-mobility, provide small business owners and brands with solutions to promote and manage their customers equally and economically, and collect various healthcare data to be used to enhance human life.

1eco aims to be an ecosystem where everyone can work in an equal position by closely linking daily life to the virtual world.

Additionally, in contrast to the existing centralized virtual ecosystem platforms, we will utilize and develop a decentralized blockchain technology to build a participant-centered virtual ecosystem based on participants’ trust.


1eco Coin Economy:

The token is an ERC-20 governance coin for the 1eco ecosystem. 1eco coin are issued to decentralize ownership and governance of the ecosystem.

Participants must stake 1eco coin to participate and influence in policy proposals and major policy decisions for the development of the 1eco ecosystem, and also participate in DID node operation to make the ecosystem run efficiently.


The world pursued by 1eco aims for a decentralized ecosystem. 1eco aims to combine decentralized governance and incentive systems through staking.
The ecosystem participants (Residents, Citizens, Business Owners, Alliance Partners) who staked 1eco coin can participate in ecosystem decentralized governance voting and receive staking rewards.

Community Treasury

1eco will build a [Community Treasury] that will be operated by decentralized governance. Until it is fully decentralized, the Foundation will be in charge of the operation. The assets of the [Community Treasury] will be used according to the governance decisions.
The assets of the [Community Treasury] will be accumulated by all revenue generated within the 1eco ecosystem.

Staker Rewards

Staking rewards are paid every week after the 18th month and are escrowed until the end of the deposit period, and ownership is confirmed when the expiry of the escrow period ends. After decentralized governance is established, the staking rewards will be automatically distributed by the smart contract. Detailed reward policies for stakers will be determined later after ecosystem decentralized governance is established.

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