ZEEBU, B2B loyalty token


ZEEBU, B2B loyalty token. Discover the World’s First B2B Loyalty Token for Global Telecom Carrier Businesses.

ZEEBU is transforming the telecom carrier industry, boosting efficiencies through instant global transactions.

ZEEBU, basic information:

This project aims to revolutionize the telecom wholesale voice industry by introducing a decentralized and transparent ecosystem for voice traffic exchange.

Traditional voice traffic exchange is often riddled with inefficiencies, opaqueness, and trust issues, which leads to higher costs, remittance delays, and revenue leakages.

This project addresses these pain points by leveraging blockchain technology to create a secure and trustless ecosystem for buyers and sellers to exchange voice traffic directly.

The platform provides transparent and auditable records of all transactions, reducing the risk of fraud and disputes. Furthermore, the use of smart contracts and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols enables fast and seamless payments without the need for intermediaries.

With this ecosystem, the telecom wholesale voice industry can become more efficient, cost-effective, and competitive, benefiting both buyers and sellers.


The telecom wholesale industry is a vital part of the global telecommunications ecosystem, facilitating the exchange of voice, data, and messaging services between carriers and operators. However, this sector is fraught with several challenges, including inefficiencies, lack of transparency, and high costs, which all lead to revenue loss for telecom wholesale voice businesses.

With the advent of Web3 technology, there is an opportunity to address these pain points to create a more efficient, secure and cost-effective telecom wholesale ecosystem.

Zeebu aims to leverage blockchain, tokens and smart contract technology to create a decentralized marketplace for telecom operators, carriers, and service providers, enabling them to transact with each other securely and seamlessly, and earn rewards for every transaction made on the platform.

The platform’s key features will include transparent pricing, smart contract-enabled payment settlements, reducing the need for intermediaries and manual intervention. Additionally, the platform will provide loyalty token rewards for every transaction made on the platform, incentivizing both buyers and sellers to participate in the ecosystem.

Zeebu has the potential to revolutionize the telecom wholesale industry by reducing costs, improving efficiencies, and increasing transparency. By leveraging decentralized technology, the platform will empower businesses to transact with confidence, leading to increased revenue and profitability.

ZBU token:

The Zeebu loyalty utility token is the world’s first token for business-to-business (B2B) loyalty rewards, specifically tailored for the telecom carrier industry.

This loyalty utility token is built on the Ethereum network to incentivize and reward telecom carriers and their partners for participating in its ecosystem . This token seamlessly integrates into the Zeebu platform, providing a cohesive experience to partners, offering multiple services without the need for additional infrastructure or resources.

The token in this ecosystem is a powerful, redeemable loyalty token that offers several key benefits to telecom operators.

Firstly, it eliminates the need to go through conventional banking channels and intermediaries to make cross-border settlements, resulting in substantial savings for high-volume telecoms companies.

Ecosystem partners can achieve sales growth of up to 120%.

The token enables transactions that are fast and frictionless. High-speed cross-border transactions are prone to delays due to the complexity and disparity of processes for completing transactions across geographic zones and regulatory constraints. Zeebu tokens eliminate the manual settlement process and accelerate transactions by removing multiple regulatory, technical, currency and time zone complexities.

The token also offers loyalty rewards to participants in the B2B ecosystem.

Customers and merchants earn loyalty rewards for every transaction successfully settled on the platform, which can be used to pay bills or instantly liquidated on token exchanges.

These tokens are based on ECR20 standards, and transactions carried out using Zeebu tokens are transparent, immutable, searchable on the Ethereum public ledger, validated on the decentralized network and traceable.

The intrinsic characteristics of the blockchain make transactions transparent, ensuring trust among partners using the trustless blockchain mechanism.

In a nutshell:

ZBU is a loyalty utility token based on Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain that fuels the Zeebu platform for customers and merchants. The token smart contracts are developed with OpenZeppline contracts, leveraging their battle-tested libraries to enhance security and reduce vulnerabilities.

The ZBU token incorporates several technical features, including safeguards to prevent the accidental sending of tokens to the token address itself. This is achieved through the implementation of a “require” function that verifies the recipient is not the same as the token contract address.

Additionally, ZBU includes a cliff and vesting function to lock a predetermined amount of tokens for a specified duration within designated contracts, such as liquidity pools. Custom bridges for the Binance Smart Chain and EVM chain have also been developed to facilitate the seamless movement of tokens between pools on different chains.

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