Volt Inu ($VOLT), the hyper deflationary token to discover

Volt Inu ($VOLT), the hyper deflationary token to discover. Here are its characteristics and its official website.

Volt Inu ($VOLT) is a hyper-deflationary token whose aim is to invest in multiple asset classes such as NFTs, nodes, altcoins, staking & farming of stablecoins. This investment diversity allows to mitigate the risk while taking advantage of the possible non-correlated growth of the trending assets.

Volt Inu

Volt Inu and its $VOLT token, here are its characteristics:

Since $VOLT is intended to be a hyper-deflating token. the profits made on the investments of the treasury are then used to buy back and burn used to buy back and burn $VOLT tokens.

In addition to this this deflationary mechanism, $VOLT has implemented an automatic 2% burn tax on ETH and an automatic 4% burn tax on 4% automatic burn tax on BSCs.

The combination of these mechanisms ensures that the floor price will continue to rise due to the decrease in supply in circulation.

Utility of this ecosystem:

Its usefulness is multiple and will be concretely manifested through specific collaborations, such as:

  • Partnership with Crypto Cart: this allows any VOLT holder to buy real-world goods from more than 1,700 sellers worldwide. Through this partnership, there is no longer any need to convert VOLT into fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies and no need for KYC to buy goods.
  • P2E game: VOLT is also intended to be used as an ingame currency in our game. Not only, the VOLT token will allow to acquire more advanced characters and features giving significant advantages when competing against other players but the VOLT token will also be used as a currency to reward the winners.
  • Gamified social activity: and here is what should mark the news of the GameFi, indeed, it is about offering a mechanism to reward the users of this ecosystem. This tool encourages the involvement
    involvement of VOLT holders by setting up a ranking and reward system by setting up a ranking and reward system according to the number of tasks accomplished in order to increase the exposure and visibility of of VOLT. In addition, in order to be eligible for the weekly rewards, it is necessary to hold VOLT tokens.

The goal is to make VOLT INU a token accessible to all.

Thanks to this ecosystem, users can benefit from many useful and motivating advantages.

To do this, many collaborations are envisaged, such as with Crypto Cart. This collaboration alone will allow VOLT holders to use their tokens to purchase real-world goods from over 1,700 suppliers.

Direct access to the official website

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