Medano: Sand City, what is it?

Medano: Sand City, what is it? Medano offers 100% of the proceeds from the games to its owners! Discover all its features.

Medano has been developed with a clear goal in mind.

This time, in the news of the GameFi, we propose you again an original project, discover why?

To building a decentralized play-to-earn community where the players decide the future and the content of the game.

Medano: Sand City is one of 2 projects developed by Medano Game Studios. Sand City is a multiplayer survival game where you can earn and create cosmetics in the form of NFTs.

Each holder will earn their fair amount in crypto on 100% of our game’s Fiat/crypto revenue. Players can earn NFTs and crypto by simply playing our games. Creators of cosmetic NFT items can earn crypto, and the NFT market is truly decentralized.

Medano: Sand City

Medano: Sand City is a Multiplayer Survival game focused on 3 main things:

1: The openworld:

Welcome to Sand City, where you can explore and build settlements either with your friends or alone. Explore the city and uncover secrets buried in the sand. Survive, get resources and build your settlement.

Be one of the first to find an Easter egg and earn limited-edition NFTs! Experience a self learning neural network AI system used against you by your environment.

This machine learning system adapts to each player’s skill and tactics, making every session different from the last.

Each season there are separate NFT characters and items included in the season pack. They are limited editions and some items are only available for the first 100 people finding an Easter egg. The season pass will have a Floorprice of $10.(usd)

2: Round based survival trials (Zombie mode levels)

This is where the season pass characters come in. In this game mode there are story-driven NFT characters with their own Easter eggs to uncover from the sands of the city. Each season has their own limited characters that never come back again.

Play alone or together with friends. Get in, get out. Get crypto. It is inspired by game-modes like old school COD Zombies. All the PVE enemies use our self-learning neural network AI to adjust to the player, making each round more difficult then the last.

Get out before it’s too late or test your skills and claim your place on the leaderboards.

3: Create your own cosmetic items or variations of existing items.

Use our in-game modding system to create your own cosmetics. Upload your design and the community will vote weekly. Each winner’s designed NFT will be added to the game in the next season, and the creator of the design will earn crypto when it’s bought by players.

Medano will take 8% on the transaction costs and reinvest that back into the project. Each chosen design will only have a limited number of versions minted.

Medano focuses on creating a true utility token by bringing together traditional games and cryptography. Giving our token a real value. Each project that will be proposed will use the same Medano tokens as the main currency.

Sand City, the context in which the game takes place:

The year is 2042; the world as you know it no longer exists.

After decades of upheaval, our hometown has been taken over by the desert. By 2027, when we became aware of the true impact of climate change, it was too late. Governments rushed to access new weather modification technologies, but of course this only made things worse.

The weaponization of our weather systems began, and within a few years a global weather war was unleashed. The poorest countries were the first to be affected. What followed was the great migration of the 2030s, which left our city abandoned.

But some say that a man is still here after all these years, still searching, still working.
And that’s where you, “the player,” come in. You’ve been sent to Sand City on a mission. To retrieve the hard wallet of your client’s father, “presumed dead”: Prof. Badawi.

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