Ultra Games – introduction

Ultra Games

Ultra Games is much more than just a games store. Find out all about its features and direct access to the official website.

Ultra Games – The next-generation gaming platform that empowers players and redistributes control.

Revolutionizing gameplay, Ultra Games elevates entertainment to unprecedented heights. Discover an expanding array of top-notch games, seize command of your digital possessions, and earn rewards for your gaming prowess.

If you follow GameFi news, you’ll know that it’s an exciting and fast-moving world, and here’s another example with this platform.

Ultra Games – introduction

Revolutionizing gaming experience, Ultra Games stands as the premier hub for contemporary gamers. Offering top-tier games prioritizing quality, all within a user interface tailored to fulfill your gaming requirements. Explore a vast array of games, engage in tournaments, earn rewards for your gameplay, access exclusive benefits, and much more.

Elevating the player’s experience. Introducing Ultra—a fresh perspective on gaming.

As the world evolves, so do our preferences in playstyle.

The Ultra platform offers gamers and developers an equitable and more gratifying method to engage with games. For the first time, players can buy, sell, and trade games, in-game items, and DLCs with developer permission. Developers earn from every secondary market sale, while players profit from selling games they no longer play.

Ultra offers a comprehensive package, ensuring you have everything essential to maximize enjoyment in every game you engage with.

Embracing tomorrow’s possibilities

Through Ultra, game developers and publishers stay ahead of the curve.
Leverage our platform to enrich gamers’ experiences, infuse new vitality into established brands, and fortify your communities.

Game developers and publishers have the opportunity to release titles on Ultra Games, introduce captivating Uniqs, and enable players to amass and exchange utility-focused digital assets that unlock functionalities within their games.

Simplified Distribution via Ultra Games

Ultra simplifies the distribution process, ensuring seamless game release without unnecessary complications.

This platform offers you a more intense gaming experience by promoting a revolutionary approach to gaming.

As the world evolves, so do gaming preferences. Ultra gives you everything you need to maximize your enjoyment of every game you play.

Earning rewards

Streaming and social gaming are an integral part of the gaming ecosystem. The platform’s ecosystem offers an original sponsorship system that rewards players who invite their friends to join Ultra.

Good to know:

While Ultra Games continues to include all primary game sales, the Ultra team has introduced a secondary market where players can list or acquire used games from other players willing to sell them. Secondary game sales will take place on the Uniq marketplace, but also on any marketplace based on Ultra technology.

For developers:

This ecosystem is made for you. It lets you benefit from all the best features of decentralized technologies without the drawbacks of high costs, difficult integration and slow networks.

Construct using Digital Assets: Ultra offers straightforward integration solutions tailored for contemporary tooling such as Unity and Unreal Engine.

Best Creator Experience: Create and deploy your digital assets to participate in Ultra’s community immediately.

A Unified Marketplace: Marketplace owners can easily integrate and take advantage of all of the NFT standard features.

Easy Asset Management: Advanced tooling for enterprises makes it easy to have granular control over digital assets.

Direct access to the official website

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