Trading without a broker, possible or not possible?

Trading without broker, possible or not possible? Discover all the possibilities available to you to keep maximum control of your money.

Trading without broker,who has not dreamed of being able to trade directly, without having to send their money to a broker and wonder how they will return it to us.

Trading without broker

The broker is an intermediary who must live well, therefore, he must invoice his service. This means that for an amateur or professional trader there is a double problem to be solved.

First, you have to analyze the seriousness of the broker, read user comments, know if he pays quickly his clients who request it and secondly, check how he is paid and at what rates.

But that’s not all, there are other factors that can intervene, such as for example, the reliability of its platform, is it systematically when there is a strong movement in the price, a strong volatility, its platform? breaks down or not? Those who are already trading will understand what I mean. However, we will essentially stay on the first two points, namely: having to send your money and recover it + the broker’s fees, commissions, spreads.

To eliminate these two points, it is necessary to eliminate the intermediary therefore the broker.

Trading without a broker, then, possible or not?

Until now, online trading without a broker was impossible. However, thanks to DEFI and the decentralized trading platform operating with Gfarm, this is now possible. You can directly trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and other altcoins directly from your Metamask wallet. It is even possible to have leverage, currently, up to 150x.

This responds perfectly to a demand, because more and more people believe that being able to trade directly, without a broker, is more and more essential in order to keep control over your money. As for fees, they are almost non-existent on this platform.


As you will have understood, it is now quite possible to trade with leverage, without a broker, so keeping control of your money. We are talking about a cryptocurrency with the Gfarm which is promised a bright future since its universe is expanding more and more, see their roadmap.

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