TGB token, what is it for?

TGB token, what is it for? TGB is the native token of the Traders Global Business platform, here is all the information about it.

TGB token represents shares of an investment management company. The investment decisions will be in the hands of the company’s management board. and will include:

  • Real estate
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Restaurants & Cafés
  • Delivery apps and companies
  • Electronic projects and applications

TGB token

TGB token, staking and technomics:

Staking is done by locking a part of your tokens to earn passive income. Used by many token as a way to reward their holders and support the price stability. In TGB, monthly income would be distributed to holders depending on how much TGB token they hold. A classic shares system model.

The total supply is created big, as big as 1 Billion. The purpose is to make space for burning mechanism, a way to increase the price and profit of the TGB holders indirectly.

The burning wouldn’t be a classic token burning where the Dev simply sends the token amount to the burn address. This will use the Buy&Burn mechanism where the Dev would buy TGB tokens and burn that amount double lifting the price by adding liquidity and reducing the token number.

Here is everything you need to know about this platform that does not go unnoticed in the news of decentralized finance and here are the main points to remember.

TGB, in a nutshell:

This is TGB, Traders Global Business, where your investment would be turned into a real-life project, and your return on investment would be sent directly to your wallet depending on how much you invested and what percentage you represent in the total investment which is represented by how much TGB token you own.


The Traders Global Business project aims at unlocking liquidity in smart assets through an end-to-end decentralized ecosystem, improving on current tokens.


A token that will increase transaction transparency within commerce by providing a real-time and detailed log of all transactions.


Traders Global Business is a community-built crypto currency operating in the growing and fast-paced digital currency space.

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