SubDAO, optimized digital asset management

SubDAO, optimized digital asset management. Find out more about the features of this ecosystem as well as direct access to its website.


SubDAO offers an infrasctucture that will help you manage digital assets through middleware, multiple signatures and other decentralized functions.

SubDAO, introduction

Here is a multi-chain DAO protocol that helps manage digital assets through multiple signatures, voting and decentralized functions. It is dedicated to providing universal and widely applicable DAO tools in venture capital and other fields.

Venture Capital, created on SubDAO, can have its investment decisions, fundraising, asset management, and fund liquidation all done on the chain. Through integrated third-party protocols, users can directly swap DAO funds for Swap transactions and NFT asset purchases and also perform actions such as lending.

This ecosystem allows everyone to truly participate in the future financial paradigm – DeFi.

Easy to use and experience the convenience and fun of Web3 investment management on SubDAO Beta 1.0.

  • Fill in the basic information and create your own investment DAO in just a few seconds.
  • Share your DAO’s exclusive link to invite your friends to join and invest in your DAO.
  • You can easily participate in DeF governance through the SubDAO Beta 1.0 internal integration tool.

GOV token:

GOV, short for Governance, is the SubDAO protocol’s governance token. This token has a total supply of one billion.

Token holders will have the right to vote on all aspects related to the management and administration of the SubDAO protocol, including governance action, referenda, network upgrades, council elections, parameter adjustments, integrations, changes to incentives, and all other managerial functions.

A few words from the team:

Our vision at SubDAO is for DAOs of any size to have the ability to boast of a rich and complete DAO governance toolchain with easy-to-use, friendly, peripheral tools, enabling decentralized Governance for every industry sector. We aim to integrate DAO governance into every aspect of life, to facilitate a leveled-playing ground, eliminate oppression by a few influential people, remove the shackles of class from everyone, and promote freedom, allowing everyone to express their opinions freely, making them count, and promoting TRUE DEMOCRACY!

Direct access to the official website

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