Stem, a unique GameFi project, find out why?

Stem, a unique GameFi project, find out why? Discover much more than a simple gaming platform, here are all its features.

STEM is an exchange where each sports team has its own virtual currency (tokens).

This game platform offers you a sports team exchange where each sports club has its own token and this token has its own cost. This makes it a very unique game in the GameFi world.

The token cost is defined with clear indicators such as statistic of team performance, rating, the cost of team players and some others. Based on these data, criteria for token emission and cost are shaped.

All indicators are available for any internet user. The better team plays the higher its indicators and more expensive its tokens. And vice versa: if the team makes statistic worse its tokens are getting cheaper.


Stem, let’s explore its characteristics further:

Similarly to stock exchange users can predict changes of token price while analyzing and predicting results of the game for future matches.

In this way they can make money on the rise and fall of token price. That mechanism provides more confidence for sports
lovers and helps to avoid some risk of losing all the money if the team loses the game or even the whole season. In case the
indicators are getting worse, the token cost might decrease but later, might return to the original price or even exceed it.

Moreover, while buying and keeping tokens you always can show the loyaltu to your favorite sports club, empathize and follow all the sports events with it.

The main source of income for STEM is receiving commissions from each transaction on the platform.

Any user even without registration might view news, sports team analytics and predictions, watch the rise and fall of token cost of various sports teams, communicate in the club chat or public one among other exchange users. Everyone sees all the applications on the stock as a graph which shows all the rate movements in the Depth of Market.

Registered users can participate in betting, deposit or withdraw money within the exchange, make their own applications for buying or selling of tokens and see all other applications in the DOM (Depth of Market).

Stem, the exchange has specific modules:

Information Charts which allow you to see fluctuations of the token rate.
Trading forms for buying/selling orders and Depth of Market where you can see betting offers which always expect counter offers. The information exchange between customer and stock server is happening in real time.
Personal account. Functional set of programmes for safe input/withdrawal and storage of funds, conversion of cryptocurrency, buying/selling sports teams tokens.

STEMX token:

Cryptocurrency STEMX is the internal digital currency of STEMX exchange. The users will be able to buy sports team tokens on the exchange using this currency. If a customer doesn’t have STEMX cryptocurrency, they might be able to buy it both inside STEM and on a third-party exchange at market price.

The cost of STEMX is defined by market demand and availability of regular trading orders in DOM provides quotation growth according to market economy mechanisms.

Having bought STEMX you will be able to use them not only for buying sports team tokens on STEM exchange but also convert them into other digital currency or fiat after launch of the system.

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