Share NFT, an innovative platform, how?

Share NFT, an innovative platform, how? Discover all its functions, features, what distinguishes it from other platforms and its official website.

Share NFT is an innovative nft trading platform that deeply combines NFT, DeFi and staking mining to create a virtual world full of surprises for users.

Here, you can not only create, discover and share your own NFTs, you can also get more reward distribution through the synthesis of NFTs.

This platform use the new reward mechanism to find and screen promotion ambassadors to ensure that they can understand the pursuit.

Share NFT

The solution to real problems:

The fundamental reason why most projects don’t last is that they don’t allow users to continue to earn money, no matter how interesting it sounds.

Or, we can approach the issue from another angle. Many projects or platforms cannot guarantee not only the user’s income, but also their capital. Some say that the NFT is a work of art, some say that it can be used for the distribution of digital goods, and some say that the NFT can be a physical work of art that matches the purchased NFT, it can also be a special access, events, game elements or exclusive memberships.

Here is an NFT trading platform that distributes all NFT transaction fees to users.

Share NFT ($SNT), about NFTs:

The total number of nfts in the mother box of Share nft is 6,000, which will never be issued. It is the foundation of the entire share nft world architecture, and it is the most important part of it. It is recommended that you must have one.

At the same time, it is also a must-have item for you to gain income in the share nft world. With it, you can participate in pledge mining.

Share’s nft is divided into 4 levels, from low to high: N, S, SS, SSS,King.

At the beginning of the project, you have two ways to get the blind box,

1. Blind box pre-sale, you can get the blind box by purchasing.

2. You can get a blind box by destroying 10,000 share nft tokens (SNT for short).

Please note that you can only get N by opening the blind box, and higher-level NFTs can only be obtained through synthesis. The synthesis rules will be introduced in subsequent documents, please continue to read.

By the way, when the trading market is open, you can also buy higher-level NFTs sold by others from the market.

The total amount of SNT (Share NFT Token) is 50 million, the marketing wallet is 7.6 million, the private placement is 4 million, the pre-sale is 24 million, and the liquidity is 14.4 million.

Direct access to the official website

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