S-ONE FINANCE, what characterizes this DeFi platform

S-ONE FINANCE, what characterizes this DeFi platform. The platform offers a decentralized solution for token exchange and staking, how?

S-ONE Finance

S-ONE FINANCE is the decentralized solution for token exchange and staking. The distinctive features of the system are linked to the use of the ERC20 token: SONE.

S-ONE system is the one-stop shop for users to enjoy the innovations of defi with lower risks, higher returns, and more convenient applications than existing solutions.

Here is a platform that you will certainly hear about often in the news of decentralized finance. Here are 3 important points that characterize this platform.

S-ONE Finance

S-ONE FINANCE in a few words:

S-ONE FINANCE aims to be an easy-to-handle ecosystem, even for the general public, and offers services on the following three points

Simplicity: Not only for experts, the platform also allows beginners to access the user-friendliness.

Security: aiming to protect customers’ assets through a decentralized ecosystem.

Saticfation : S-one finance provides maximum customer satisfaction.

S-ONE is the one-stop shop for users to do swapping their crypto assets on Ethereum blockchain. The system rewards the users to actively use the system by providing them with the SONE tokens.

S-ONE FINANCE Platform is the decentralized solution for token swapping and staking.

Store, Transfer, Exchange and Manage your crypto assets. In the easiest one-step Wallet.

S-ONE FINANE, its ecosystem:

S-ONE Finance

The ecosystem includes S-ONE Swap, S-ONE Staking and SONE Token. These elements are linked together by top layer applications.


S-ONE Swap is a fork from Uniswap with a number of customizations to make the system more user friendly and safer.

SONE token:

The innovation of the S-ONE Ecosystem lies in the SONE token that connects S-ONE Swap.

SONE token is generated and distributed mainly through community farming and swapping/lending rewards (as described in the session below). It incentivized S-ONE users to participate and contribute to the ecosystem.

Total supply: 100,000,000 tokens

70% Liquidity Mining Reward & Swapping Rewards: 70,000,000 tokens Distributed to the market through farming using crypto collaterals.

20% Token sales: 20,000,000 tokens Distributed to the market through a market sale.

7.5% Advisor and Team Allocation: 7,500,000 tokens Used to reward the team. This amount will be locked for 6 months, and vesting every block in 6 months.

2.5% Liquidity Fund: 2,500,000 tokens Used to add initial pools on Uniswap or other decentralized exchange at token generation event.

S-ONE platform solutions

Exchange – Farming – Wallet Mobile App – Decentralized Exchange Yield Farming

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