RXC games, practical information

RXC games, practical information. Here is a gaming platform that uses the RXCG token built on the Binance Smart Chain.

RXC games

RXC Games is a crypto gambling platform set to change the world of crypto gambling.

RXC games, goals:

1. Create a unique gaming experience and introduce Blockchain technology to users in
a fun way.
2. Eliminate unnecessary complications to simplify casino games for the crypto scene
through ease of UI and unified token.
3. Build a huge community around our platform and its native token.
4. Make RXCGames a brand and a recognisable platform all around the globe.
5. No KYC, no geo-restrictions – everyone is welcome.
6. To have a shitload of fun 🙂

RXCG Token Usecase:

1. RXCG is a native token for this platform, built on the BSC network, due to fast transaction speed and low fees.

2. RXCG holders will be able to use the token to play all the games available on the platform and receive prizes.

3. We will use RXCG for marketing to make a worldwide brand for our platform.

4. In the end, the plan is to be able to trade this token like any other, and it will be available on some of the biggest decentralized and centralized crypto exchanges in the world.

$RXCG is a BEP20 token, built on Binance Smart Chain network (BSC). Contract is made from scratch by a professional contract developer, Trynos. Therefore it is an original token, not a fork of any token ever made.

The code and platform is up to date with the latest games including live play, with the number of over 4000 games, all fully licensed and very fun to play.

On initial release we only offer playing with RXCG token, but we plan to implement more other cryptocurrencies in the future.
Our multisignature contract is being made from scratch by a famous developer Trynos.
To make sure transparency is at a maximum level, we are doxxed from the start with regular video AMA’s in our Telegram group chat and our community members were able to see previews of our platform from the beginning.

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