MetaPay, facilitating your payments in the metaverse

MetaPay, facilitating your payments in the metaverse. Discover its features, benefits and direct access to the official website.


MetaPay, the future of payments is virtual and MetaPay has been specifically designed to meet these new payment needs.

The cultural shift away from physical credit cards is also tied to technologies that eliminate the need to even carry plastic (traditional debit cards): Apple’s

ApplePay makes a fingerprint into a payment method, as do “express pay” options for point-of-sale transactions. Altogether, these technologies enable a vision of a future with far less fraud and more time spent on the important revenue-generating activities that drive business forward.

The power dynamics in the payments industry are changing as businesses and consumers shift dollars from cash and checks to digital payment methods. Cards dominate the in-store retail channel, but mobile wallets like Apple Pay are seeing a rapid uptick in usage and paving the way for the future of payments.

MetaPay explained:

MetaPay, Virtual payment system will enable users, customers, merchants make retail and metaverse payments globally, utilizing dynamic payment cards to conduct cryptocurrency and fiat linked transactions.

MetaPay fills the void as a blockchain open payment and settlement system designed to meet the needs of Metaverse users for fast, secured, flexible peer to peer or institutional transactions.

Virtual dynamic payment cards will allow easy decentralized access to crypto payments even in centralized business operations, allowing merchants, users to settle retail or metaverse financial payments, transactions using supported cryptocurrencies.

This virtual payments terminal will be accessed by web extensions and built decentralized applications extending to mobile applications.

The payments system application will integrate a borrow function, This way users and merchants can find options to borrow cryptocurrency (stablecoins) and still be able to perform transactions, spend the actual value of their crypto assets. This will enable the system users to grow their portfolio while still able to spend!. MetaPay will complete this functionality, second
quarter, 2022.

Users can register and own virtual debit cards to manage contactless retail and metaverse payments and transactions using supported cryptos.

In resume:

Customers and merchants can use the platform’s dynamic virtual payment cards to conduct crypto & fiat linked purchases.

The metaverse is essentially a real world beyond the world we live in, simply virtual. Your existence will be increasingly deeply and intrinsically linked to the realities offered in the metaverse.

The native token of the platform is the MPAY.

Direct access to the official website

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